Pumpkin carving 2011

Happy Puppy Halloween!

and sidekick batmouse muhaha!

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My husband share the same birthday as Singapore (but since Singapore is kinda a day a head of us we’re still in my husband’s birthday haha!)

“3D card” with secret msg… if you stare hard enough maybe you’ll see the message LOL

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Paper Lamp shades are delicious

Ginko thinks paper lampshades are yummy, and futher destroyed our lampshade in the living room ^^;

PS: I knew it was her because I saw her do it right in front of me :P

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Painting a 3D head

I apologise for the lack of activity here, have been busy, to the point that haven’t been drawing much NOR sewing much ^^; The closest I get to “draw” is this recent project which was in progress little by little. What is that project? Here’s a clue :P

**Warning: doll head pix under the cut, so if you’re not a fan of dolls or is disturbed by bald doll heads, I would suggest you not look ^^;

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