Woot my otacute submission is up! :D This month feels like a month of submissions, there was also the pixiv.net x otacool 4 and another one I submitted for something else (hopefully it went thru okay)

I was trying to come up with something but ended up using one of the first sketches’ idea ^^;

Meet Lala, my submission :D

People have different perception with cute, so I decided to go with my own, despite the temptation to draw a sexy cute babe, I ended up going with a cute loli/SD character ^^;

Green is the main site’s colour, I use other colours like pink, blues and browns to make the character stand out :)

Here’s the original rough sketch ^^

There’s a lot of really nice submissions for the contest, so do check it out! ^o^!

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8 Responses to Otacute Character Contest

  1. YuKi-To says:

    lala in the box is irresistible! hope otacute can bundle her with every shipment =P

  2. dans says:

    OMG. Lala in the box is just so adorable ! I want to bring her home !

  3. chun says:

    XD hahahaha it would be awesome! (bundle her with every shipment) LOL

  4. chun says:

    lol to be Danbo’s girlfriend or pet? ^^;;;

  5. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Best of luck to you!
    Lala is so adorable in that box, and i really like the colour scheme c:

  6. chun says:

    Thank you so much XD

  7. radiant says:

    lol! naughty naughty! :3

  8. coffeebugg says:

    I feel like I want to squeeesh her…

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