Picnic at Shinjuku Koen

Sorry for the long wait! Been kinda busy ^^;

Shinjuku Koen is one of our favourite parks to visit, and it’s nice to see it again despite that we had already missed the cherry blossom season.

These photos were taken at Shinjuku Koen on 2 May, I set my camera’s date wrongly so it differs from my phone’s date and time =_=;

We bought some bento and drinks have a picnic in the park — found out the hard way, twice — that the cafe inside the Shinjuku Koen just isn’t very tasty for the prices. :P This time round, we also found out this time that the tea house’s offerings isn’t very exciting either ^^;

It was rather hot and dry, the lawn has turned brown ^^; Not complaining tho! Look at the gorgeous sky!

We walked around outside before entering the park, and came across a shop called Ichiban Dori “一番どり”.  I think I bought a Teriyaki chicken Bento, they grilled it to heat it up right before us (too bad my photos were kinda blah).

It was delicious! :D

My husband may have gotten something else (might be Oyaku don?) but we both agreed my choice was tastier LOL

After that, dessert lol, I think this is from a little shop at the station we came out from, called Ra Poppo “らぽっぽ” It’s sweet potato donut balls :)

Lets dive in!

Om nom nom, good to share with company, it’s quite filling after you had lunch ^^; The outside is chewy and slightly crispy, the inside is sweet but not too sweet, yummm :P

Found some plums(?)

After our relaxing picnic, we went around to take photos :D

I actually brought Taiga, my custom mini dollfie dream along, so a lot of my photos has her in it ^^;

Shinjuku Koen is large when you are with a couple other people who take  a lot of photos LOL! We came across a class having their photos taken :D the photographer asked for a shot — we should have gone and ask too!

Zoomed into this wild bird :P

The plants are so lush :D

I think this could be one of the cats we saw before at our last trip :D

Enjoying the sun :)

And oh there were two :D


Below is a picture taken on our trip in 2011, we went there in Autumn :) Isn’t it funny? XD

Looks like they love each other’s company :)

These bins are near the entrance, I think?

Thanks for looking ^^/!

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