Inspired by airborne cats

I’m sure plenty of you can recognise airborne cats, especially this photo (click to view). I first discovered Junku’s photos of his amazing jumping cat pictures thru flickr. We still had Meowmeow then and he was too old/tubby to jump like that :P  Our two furry kids definitely can jump ^^;/ Ginko is very good with catching the catnip toy I made for them in mid-air ^o^!

Lookit her paws! LOL!

Long Ginko ^^;

Slam dunk? ^^;


Took a few with the door open (Forgot to close it ^^;)

How many cats does it take to change a lightbulb?

Good catch!

Yoshi seems interested?

I think the toy kinda landed on Yoshi’s face (hence his expression ^^;)

Wanted to catch a yawn but got a tongue instead ^^;

My sweet boys :)

Pictures above are taken with hub’s 40D with external flash bouncing off the ceiling ^^/

3 more, taken with phone camera ^^;

I picked Yoshi up for ear inspection, expected him to jump off when done but he sat there for a while lol Lapcat?

Yoshi stayed like this for a bit lol! Meow would never have done this willingly :P

Chilling on hub’s legs…  So relaxed ^^; such good life :P

Sorry, a bit too busy to complete Mio fan art colouring, but it’s in progress tho so worry not ;)!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @kmyk oh sorry didn’t see your comment until now ^^; but yes so cuuuuuuuute lol it was like “BISH” into my husband’s face lol!

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