Strida Mini grocery run

I needed to buy some small bits and bobs and yesterday it wasn’t rainy, so I made a grocery run on Strida Mini into Steveston Village :)

I could have picked a nicer photo for the top feature but I felt that this photo is quite interesting, I feel that it makes Strida Mini look smaller than it is!

I took a different route since it didn’t appear like it was going to rain despite the feeling of general mugginess, too bad there isn’t a pretty blue sky to take photos with.

But I guess the blue of the Forget Me Nots made up for it ;)

As I leisurely biked along, I spotted some bluebells among some bushes behind a fence, had to stop to take some photos with Strida Mini!

I was born and lived in Singapore until I got married and moved to Canada, and I had a vivid childhood memory of seeing a field of bluebells in a picture book. It became one of my favorite flowers :)

As I get closer to my destination, I was distracted by this boy with two adult guardians close by, he had two lop-ear bunnies close to him, had to stop and try to take some photos :P

This cutie below was curious and quite friendly — I managed to stroke her head a few times (she has a dewlap– female bunnies have those?) She was a little wet from the drool of a doggy who keep wanting to go near her ^^;

I just waited until she hopped away, haha! So cute <3

Reached my destination, got my stuffs, was about to leave and decided to take a quick snapshot of this cafe(?) near Super Grocer, the food smell from here kills me everytime :P One other time I went, they had freshly baked muffins… Oh boy… I had to peel myself away otherwise I would have gone in and buy a bunch to stuff my face!  Maybe one day I should go try their food for real!

One of the spoils from the grocery shopping, gonna use some to make some soup I think, they’re great just cut up, with salt and pepper and a little olive oil :3

I haven’t blogged in a bit I know, so I will add some past photos to document, evil food pix included lol

Cooked porkchop last week, using “chicken french” style — inspired by this Food Wishes you tube channel :3

The Yae Sakura still look okay last week, but this week most of it is washed out and droopy ^^; See you next year!

Most of last week was cloudy… and rainy ^^;

And I had a great meet with some blythe doll friends over the Sunday, I want to document some of the food/drink photos here as well :) One of the lovely ladies made Sangria :9 SO YUMMY!

This went into the Sangria XD

Our host has a green thumb :3

I contributed spam and egg sushi roll ^^;

Thanks for looking, till next time! :D

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Thank you :) The photos I took were of the nicer weather, it was raining a lot, I remember feeling a bit depressed from it until the blue skies came out XD

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    I love food photography!!! XD
    Also, I love the new banner, which I just now saw… this is what I get for reading mostly through RSS feed!

  3. Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo says:

    Wow~ Your food photograph always looking epic XD
    *drooling all over the table*

    Ahh ~ The bluebells flowers looks so beautiful :)

    P/s: my most fav part is the bunny XD Gosh he is so cute ~ If i saw him, i would kidnap him rightaway (not only stroke his head) XDDDD

  4. chun
    chun says:

    LOL It’s dangerous to look at them when HUNGRY >_<; It's cool to see people walking their bunnies :) Very interesting find :D

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