Wow just realise I haven’t drawn fan art in a long time ^^;

I must say the girls in K-ON! are really cute and Moe-some ^^; First found out about K-ON! from Danny ^^; Out of the girls I think I like Mio Akiyama the most because(!!!) she’s probably like the girl I’d like to be like? If you know what I mean ^^;  Nice long hair, sweet and shy, nice body (ahem), talented, and just so Moe no? :P

Here’s a couple pieces of work in progress ^^;
click on image below to get to a full view version ^^/

There’s another version but it may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), depend on how strict your office is, or if your boss actually want to take a look at it (LOL) Think conservative birthday suit :P


Hope you like ;P These 2 quick sketches are drawn in pencil, inked with pilot drawing pen (0.1 and 0.3) and then cleaned up in Sai and photoshop.

Don’t get me wrong, all the girls in K-ON! are cute, I can relate to the clumziness of Yui, the tomboyness of Ritsu, and I wish I am as well to do as Mugi (who’s 2nd favourite only due to her rather distractingly large eyebrows ^^; )…

Thanks for checking out this short post ^^/

Okie back to work ^^;

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17 Responses to Mio Akiyama fan art

  1. Ayu says:

    Waaah, your Mio is so cuuuute! >u< vvvv I can’t wait for both to be colored, especially the second one ;9 *thumbs up*

  2. chun says:

    @Ayu~ thank you XD yours too! So moesome XD I also like the 2nd one ^^;;;

  3. Aquilla says:

    Both good, but that second one is shaping up to be one of the best k-on fanarts I’ve seen so far, great job. Can’t wait to see both finished.

  4. chun says:

    @Aquilla thankq :D glad you like them ^^

  5. Otaku Dan says:

    the first Mio drawing looks great so far, are you going to draw the other characters from K-On as well?

  6. garturo62 says:

    wow this is incredible good job.

  7. *wipes drool from mouth due to the second picture*
    My oh my chun! Tis very different… I verily likes it! My English is taking a dive due to that picture.

  8. FatB says:

    Silly Mio, that’s not how you play bass guitar

  9. YuKi-To says:

    Mio is definitely my fav too, and almost everybody elses’ ^^;

    seems to me that both artworks are missing something, details maybe? But I still like both of em & looking forward to coloured version :3

  10. chun says:

    @Otaku Dan Thanks! I’m not sure yet, it really depends on if I have time and if I am inspired or not lol!

    @garturo62 thank you :D

    @lightningsabre LOL

    @FatB LOL!!! U gonna show her how? :P

    @YuKi-To :D well after colouring hopefully it won’t look as plain lol!

  11. […] Took a bit longer to finish this one up as I decided to add some detail to the instrument she was holding (ahem). Her bass guitar was drawn in Flash, exported into PNG file then paste into photoshop and lightly edited.  Previous line art progress here. […]

  12. deadbeat says:

    your 2nd sketch of Mio is very nice. So you mean your figure is like hers too? heh :P

  13. chun says:

    @deadbeat no comment :P

  14. Arayden says:

    Heyo :D, been a while, I see you’ve also been infected by Mio’s MOE :D

  15. Arayden says:

    I happen to find a nice fan art on mio’s pai. Did something similiar on Tegaki :p

  16. chun says:

    @Arayden she’s sweet and funny lol! and ohh….

  17. Arayden says:


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