Hanami 2012

One of my favorite season in Vancouver has to be spring!

What can be better than spring  blossoms on a beautiful gorgeous day?! ^o^

When the trees are in full bloom, usually it doesn’t last very long, about a week or so they’ll start to shed, if the weather is rainy or windy, maybe even sooner ^^; So when I saw the sky being so blue, I had to get my butt out and try to take photos asap!

Sometimes we had to briefly invade someone’s yard to take photos of the blooms :P

Thanks to Strida Mini I was able to get further to check the status of some of the trees further from our home :P

Some of the trees were already past the prime of the blossoms tho unfortunately ^^;

I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful dense “sea” of wild daisies in the parkade of Garry Point Park!

At the time the trees at Garry Point Park were almost.. almost there! I suspect they were probably fully blooming over the past weekend?

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. mezzo forte
    mezzo forte says:

    Spring has come!
    It has been unusually slow in coming in my country this year.
    The cherry blossoms are falling now.

    I remember not to be able to paint the cherry blossoms at this time every year.
    When I was a junior student, I tried to paint a picture of cherry.
    The petals seem to be pink at a distance.
    But they were white in my hands.
    I was not able to finish the homework because I confused the color for paint.
    I can’t understand it yet…

    > Tentacle Grape
    > So you program everything?:D:D
    Yeah, I’d made all things on that app.
    It was made by Action Script 3 on Flash CS 5.5.
    I’m a hacker, don’t you know? XD

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Awww for us, the Yae sakura the leaves come out first, so you don’t see as much flowers >_< The weather feels a bit strange too, feels warmer than last year, but when it gets cold it can feel like winter came back ^^; Wow! That's really cool :D did you have to make a lot of graphics? can I make graphics for your program? lol Too bad I don't have an android to play with your app ^^;>

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