Thanks everyone who kindly helped me share the previous submission, and also everyone who liked it and bought it! I can’t wait for mine to arrive :P

I had an idea for the “Baby Versions of Fictional Characters” theme so here’s my artwork :3

I’m quite sure there will be tons of submission for this theme, who can resist drawing cute baby versions of fictional characters! There’s too many choices to pick from to babyfy LOL!

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9 Responses to The Drawing Board Submission – Baby Versions of Fictional Characters

  1. Heather says:

    Hehehe, adorable!

  2. chun says:

    hehehe thank you XD

  3. Jimmy says:

    cool. what program did you use??

  4. chun says:

    Thank you :) I used a program called Sai and a little bit of Photoshop to do it ^^

  5. Julia says:

    Hey! I’m also putting my entry up for drawing board!!!! I was looking for ideas and I found this webpage! I’m babifying a superhero! I’d tell you which one but I don’t want you to steal my idea LoL! Anyway good lucks!

  6. chun says:

    Good luck! Stealing is bad :P

  7. Tyler says:

    i can’t believe you didn’t get picked in the top five. most of those ones sucked. you did so much better. :/

  8. chun says:

    Hey! I’m happy you likes my work! Thank you :) but I think the other artists did well too! Hehe

  9. Tyler says:

    are you man or woman

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