Obligatory food post and random :3

Thanks Pyoro for the reminder, it just wouldn’t feel right if I don’t post about food no? So this entry is like, food overload ^^; Below is a view of the new Vancouver Convention Center, we went there on spur of the moment after dinner with friends for coffee and shared desserts.

Lots of food pix ahead, you been warned! :P

We had dinner at Barefoot Kitchen Sunday nite (a last minute decision) and realised they added some extra items in their menu ^^ I tried their poutine (new item), it was really good!

And shared fried chicken with curry on rice (forgot to take a picture), husband had this, chicken and hamburg (hamburger patty):

Our company ordered deep fried scallops (special order ^^;), I couldn’t eat it as recently I developed a pretty bad allergy to seafood, causing me to be really itchy and break out in hives ^^; Heard it was really good ^o^!

This was a side order of pasta ^^ I really like their meat sauce pasta on the menu tho ^o^

Dessert at Pan Pacific Hotel, I think it was 5 sails?

I almost always have a small reflector in my bag, it was in action when we needed more light on faces lol! I normally use it for doll related shots under low light condition, but it worked for human shots too ;P

Had a team brunch meet at Finch’s, their baguettes are spectacular as always ^^ Very delicate and well balanced in taste.

Kirei no? All baguetts are freshly made, gotta wait a bit, especially during busy lunch hour, but well worth it for sure!

My team members(for the blythe doll contest finalist entry, Glacier Lily) had continental breakfast – soft boiled eggs with prosciutto, tomato slices and toast + seasonings.

New “toy” for husband, a coffee maker :P

Before coffeemaker…

First cuppa coffee ^^

This set came with a separate milk frother/steamer, gotta figure out how to make it look prettier ^^; 

Plastic food ^^; Surprise presents from my friend back in Singapore :3

Funny Miko face ^^;

Okie back to work thanks for looking! ^^;

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  1. garturo62
    garturo62 says:

    cool coffee maker I want one of those love the pic of the coffee it looks really good.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @garturo62 we had a cheap grinder before and it definitely just doesn’t cut it lol! This new grinder’s pretty good and fast ^^

  3. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    yes! that’s what i was waiting for! *drools
    although it was a good thing you didn’t try that deep-fried scallop…
    that thing looks diabolical ^^

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Aww… that sucks that you can’t eat seafood… What about sashimi? Kawaiisou…

    Ah… hmm… avocado in sandwiches? First I’ve seen something like that. Any good?

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @Micheal Flux Oops :P lol!

    @Pyoro huhu! It was freshly made and really good tho, too bad I’m allergic now :P

    @aprilius20 I think it looks elephany ^^;

    @lightningsabre I can’t really eat sashimi cos I tend to run to the toilet about an hour after :P And that was really good! the one I picked had pear in it ^o^!

    @gordon… a word of advice, do not ever say it to the girl you like :P and no I don’t hit gyms LOL!

  6. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    good coffee maker= happy mornings! The sandwiches look great. Sorry to hear about the allergy I was strict vegetarian but started eating fish. I won’t have any options If I had that allergy!

  7. Saku
    Saku says:

    Chun, you made me hungry XD. Was living in Vancouver for 2 years and it’s a great place. Hopefully I can visit Vancouver again this year ^^

  8. chun
    chun says:

    @chibinezumi I agree! :D and oh! I’m probably just allergic to shellfish ^^; normalfish is fine unless they’re raw ^^;

    @Saku ^^; I cannot look at my own food pix myself! lol

    @lightningsabre lol indeed ^^;;;; and oh hope it was at least okay? ^^;;

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @ClearTranquil Heyhey! I am likely attending for a day at least I think? I have an out of town friend attending so I’ll probably hang out with her ^^ I may go as civilian and have my dollfie dress up (Maybe ^^;) or dollfie go as civilian and I wear a yukata lol. My music box is a surprise present lol! :3

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