Beautiful Portland USA 2 – food and shopping

Yummy coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters on the 2nd morning :)

I was really tired but I woke up really early (around 6 am?) due to excitement in a new environment, and the thought about meeting some of my friends whom I talked to for years but never met just made it a bit more difficult to sleep the night before! I slept soundly when I fell asleep tho, the pillow and mattress was how I like them to be.

Internet was still somewhat choppy, so while waiting for internet to be available I sorted out my luggage a bit. ^^ Photos in this post are mainly about shopping and a bit of food :)

After we just arrived on the first day we headed out to find something we needed for the Blythe con and also, to get some food… We found some cute stuff at the Powell’s Books (the used and new books store) but ended up not making a 2nd trip back just to buy it cos we were too tired XP!

Lots of interesting things to see around the streets!

We went to three different places before we found the item we wanted to get ^^;;; meanwhile, we couldn’t resist some of the cheap deals (and no sales tax!) LOL Below is Jade’s purchase for her doggie :)

We were amused by Panda express :P Didn’t go to try it tho…

We went to Mc Dee’s right across, and internet was FAST LOL!  Me and Jade shared a 20 piece nugget and a salad, the salad was quite okay ^^

I had a conjoined twin nugget in my box :9~

Continue walking about, taking random pix as I did…

The streets were being prepared for Pride Parade which was happening on Sunday ^^; I’m quite amused at the rainbow showing up on the sign :P

Went to Portland City Grill for Happy hour, we heard a lot about the view, unfortunately we were a bit late — we went exactly at 4.30pm, we should have gone a bit earlier to grab a window seat…

This pianist performing was fantastic! His music continue one after the other without a break! It was awesome :) I gave him a tip before we left as I was really impressed :P

Snuck a photo of the window view closest to us :P

Food was okay, I found the chips too salty, we ended up not finishing the chips ^^; the burger was rather tasty, and so was the stacked appetizer ^o^

We weren’t adventurous enough to try the street food this time round… :P

Kept getting distracted to take photos of the surroundings ^^

Below is a rotating clock and temperature thingie :P

Did some shopping here! XD No tax is a good feeling :P

The Early bird Blythe meet happened here ^o^/

Outside of Portland Library, it was beautiful inside out! Jade and I were saying we should find time to bring our dolls here for photos! ^^

By now most places are starting to close, and we were slowly making our way back to our hotel :)

Shopping damage LOL!

We bought this box of cake to share for breakfast ^^ it was really soft… so perhaps a lot of oil in it? ^^;;;;;;;;; Our room did not have a mini fridge, so we couldn’t store it for too long… but it did last for a few days until the best before date :P Cake went really well with the coffee I had every morning XD

Moar to come!

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  1. glamourfae
    glamourfae says:

    You got some great photos of the city, Chun!! I really wish we had made time to walk around and view the city more. It was just dolls, dolls, dolls NONSTOP!!

  2. dimples1967
    dimples1967 says:

    Great pictures! We got to see a bit, but not nearly as much as you did! Thanks for taking these so I could enjoy Portland through your eyes.. No wonder you were so greasy! All of that walking and food! LOL!

  3. Arctic_Kitsune
    Arctic_Kitsune says:

    Now these are my kind of images! Nice scenery images and I’m liking the pictures of transportation haha! Damn, I’d love to be there in the streets filled with tram tracks *thinks of Bratislava, Slovakia* XD

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Sorry for taking so long to respond ^^; I haven’t been online too much ^^; I really enjoyed that trip! I think we went at a perfect time :)

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