Activities and food :P

I dug out the clover seeds given to me years back (the seeds supposedly expired but they still work ^^; ) I have a black thumb… so I hope these guys make it :P

The next 4 photos of the clover seedlings are taken using the LX3, in P mode, with manual focus setting! It was quite awesome :P

9 May 2011

12 May 2011

Adorable Jessie girl <3!!!

Okay ready for evil food pix? You been warned!



I wasn’t intending to have another crepe but the night before I saw some very evil and tempting dessert photos from my husband who was in HK at the time… and got my excuse to eat one :P

Had company one evening and they took me to eat Vera’s burger :3

The decor is a bit different from what I remember :P It has a more “fast food” chain feel now?

I tried the turkey burger, lots of flavor — well marinated patty ^^ Fresh fries are fresh XP I shouldn’t have had the whole burger tho ^^; was so full that evening, I couldn’t sleep XP

Husband back nao! :P We went to Torarenbo (last minute decision :P) for sushi after going to pick something up.

Salmon sashimi

Chopped scallop sushi

House roll

Random: If you ever see this person on this weird looking bike on the streets, try to get out of her way, cos she may run over you ^^;

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  1. Duckie
    Duckie says:

    lol! What’s with the girl in the last pic?? Is that you? ;)

    Yum yum, sushi lookss so good, but i can’t eat raw food :D

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Lol all the pix showing my face, I looked goofy or deranged… So a side view faceless photo XD it’s wierd I can’t eat raw fish in Asia but ok in general in Vancouver, it’s almost like my tummy has a bar for sushi tolerance^^;

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