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Took Lumix LX3 out for another run yesterday as I needed to go out anyways.  The weather was spectacular but I think I got too much pollen in my system by last evening and suffered a massive sinus headache by the end of last nite on top of my flu. ^^; Anyhows, in this post you’ll see pictures of places, random stuff and food pictures.

Please note, some of the landscape photos (like the one below), you can click on to access larger version ^^/

One of my favourite weeds I mean wild flowers, butter cups! :3  I took a whole lot of photos of them and realised that yellow tend to not turn out very well.  I had shot the day’s series of photos in Raw format too, and edited a handful of them to make some details show up better.

Another buttercups shot which turned out, it was a rather breezy day so it wasn’t easy to get a sharp photo of the flower I wanted to focus on.

Man eating flower… JK :P No idea what type of flower they are ^^;  The bright colours caught my eye so I took a couple shots, this one turned out better, I did edited it a little bit, but nothing major.

Pansies, which I edited the Raw to make the details come out better.

Lucky shot of a sharp maple leaf in sudden bursts of wind

Not so lucky but still interesting shot

Wrong focus but interesting (IMO) capture ^^;

Nan Chuu is a restaurant which serves rather tasty japanese/fusion food but a bit on the pricy side :P  Went there a couple times with husband during special occassions. ^^

Vintage car, image is cropped and edited from Raw to make some over exposed part show some detail :)

Leisure is a Bubble tea/dessert and snack cafe which only takes cash and open after 1pm. I notice that some food places major stores extend/change their operating hours as Summer means longer days, people tend to hang out later.

Love the mountain view! This image is slightly cropped. I took quite a few before I could catch one without a stray vehicle zooming into the picture :P

I walked to work despite some part of the way there’s no pavement for pedestrians ^^; Some cars drive very fast and very near to me once in a while :P Kinda annoying!

But when you look at how the roads are marked… ^^;;;

I couldn’t walk on the other side of the roads as they had construction going on for weeks already ^^; With construction going on, the area is not as pretty to look at ^^; Image below is also edited slightly from Raw, as it was a smidge over exposed.

Aberdeen mall by day on weekdays, the traffic around here is alright, but on weekends Oh Boy! :P We heard from a friend that Aberdeen center has the most cases of hit and run in their carpark!

Other than that, this Mall is probably the most modern looking one in our area ^^;

Sky is so clear and blue, it seems surreal ^^;

A lot of inconsiderate people like to smoke near the entrances even though there’s a by-law saying that they’re not supposed to smoke within 5(?) meters of doorways/entrances. The worse thing is some of them don’t even bother to snub out their cigeratte butts and dispose of them properly after they’re done :(

Oh well :P Pictures below taken by my husband :) Aberdeen in the evening ^^ around 8-9pm I think after we had dinner ^^

I edited this image below a little bit :P may have made it a bit too light. ^^;

No editing for the one below

Ready for food pix? I was craving congee as I was feeling under the weather, so we went to have some Hong Kong style food :3 noticed that this place is rather nicely lit in the evenings. We normally go to this place for brunch or breakfast, but they do serve a large variety of food.

Below is husband’s order of Beef curry and rice.

I had their lean meat and century egg congee.

Paired with chinese donut (savory) it’s chewy on inside and crispy on the outside ^^ image below I probably adjusted levels a little bit ^^

Okay hope you enjoyed the series of photo dump!  Moar next time! :3

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  1. Ayu
    Ayu says:

    ohhhhh, I LOVE lean meat and century egg congee! *droooooools* there’s a couple vintage cars around here that I see when I’m out driving too… I’m always amazed at their almost new-like exterior!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Ayu awwwww! I think I am getting addicted to congee at that place ^^; I should try to cook some at home myself :P those people really lub their car ^^;

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @Michael Flux ^o^ Thank you! Too bad the flowers were already way past their prime lol but otherwise colours of spring/summer is great ^^

  4. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I think it was bad that I looked at this while I’m hungry…. I should have dinner now. But I agree with you, Van has the best blue sky. If I had to live in HK and see their smoggy sky everyday, I would miss Van.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @kmyk oops sorry lol! I feel a little sad that richmond is starting to have a lot more taller buildings which means the skies will get covered ^^;;

    @yamada lol! thanks :D

  6. chun
    chun says:

    @gordon not much ^^ I think in SG more thick clouds, from what I remember?

    @Coco the bean :D thank you! It was good congee ^o^

  7. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    I love the night shots~ very elegant :3

    I like shooting in raw, but it takes me too long to process the photos… I get carried away with making them perfect and my computer’s in need of an upgrade xD;; So I decided to just shoot in HQ jpg and add a filter or adjust the level if necessary in PS.

    Glad to see you taking lot’s of photos on the Lumix~ So bright and sunny~ It’s getting cold here in Sydney ^^;;

  8. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Ah, forgot to mention, your new layouts look great~! A lot more modern than your previous layouts [I realise you were only using kuberick with some changes xD;]. I think they suit you better, especially the rotating header images :3

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @Koshiko thank you :D and I know what you mean about getting carried away lol I think with this new camera is that sometimes the only edit I need to do is resize :3 Please keep warm, I guess it is now winter in Australia? Thank you for your feedback about the layout ^o^

    @marvinryan yah ^^ we mostly use program mode (P) and change the setting to either natural or dynamic ^^ sometimes Vibrant? Still playing around to see what comes out best ^^

  10. lucifer32
    lucifer32 says:

    The LX3 is a REALLY good camera (although a bit short of reach on the tele end)
    Apart from the fast lens, the video quality is absolutely perfect for quick recording too!

  11. chun
    chun says:

    @lucifer32 I tend to take photos rather than make videos tho :) but I agree it’s pretty good for videos as well ^^

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