Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! ^^; Click image below for a larger version :3

Aaaah…. I don’t update art posts often enough ^o^; Hope you like this quick art! My doll blog, and Ginko and Yoshi’s page has finally been updated as well ^o^/

Season’s Greetings :D

Hope everyone is having an awesome Holiday! :)

Merry Christmas 2012 with Stuffing Stockers!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas with awesome stuffing stockers ;P

Ginko and Yoshi also wishes all of you a Wonderful Holiday Season ^o^!

My husband’s Vancouver Christmas Market post has plenty of lovely photos, he has also been updating his site with some backdated photos ^^/!

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Merry Christmas 2010!

Nao in colour!

Coloured very very quickly in Sai ^^; Text added in photoshop :)

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Christmas party

Braved the cold weather and took public transit to attend a Christmas dinner party (brrrrrrrrr) I was glad it was not snowing/raining tho!

The black forest trifle was spectacular ;P deep dark chocolate decadence torte was pretty good too~!

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Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine’s!

To all those who celebrate! :D

Oops, didn’t get to finish colouring the previous art ^^; Need to clean it up a lot ^o^;

Many red packets to those who are still receiving XD

Christmas craft and Cats

Last minute craft! LOL hopefully no birds will try to eat the pompoms ^^;

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Christmas doodles 2009

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you send cards to friends and family?

(Click image below for full view)

This year, I was a bit late sending some cards out, I think next year onwards I will very likely send more e-cards instead :P More friendly to environment? On a friend’s recommendation I added this design to my Zazzle store as well :) So if you want to get some to send to friends  and family you’ll make me very happy :P

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Merry Christmasu!

HooHooHoo! Probably a bit late for some, but let’s extend Christmas for the week okay? LOL I present to U another little art done in Sai, background and text + glow effect in photoshop ^^!
What is Sai? See other images created with or partially with Sai.

Also want to take the opportunity to thank Mimi chan for the christmas sign and message to me, how sweet is that! And I is very flattered *^^*/
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Before it gets too late, I better do this :P You can now purchase a greeting card with a similar design to this one below, from my Zazzle page here or by clicking on the image below.

Take note, the image on Zazzle’s card says “Merry Christmas!” instead of “Season’s Greetings!” ^^/

Will update this picture on my Gallery page later, gotta cook dinner soon ^^;

I would like to say a heartfelt Thank you, to all those who had made purchases from my Zazzle page :D! I know some of you already have photos online, or intend to post photos when your items arrived. I intend to link up and feature some (if not all) of you when I get some time to do so ^^;/ Those who bought and received your product(s), feel free to write me or comment on my blog on what you think about quality and such! :3

On a slightly non-related note, I have temporarily set comment box to pop up, as I was told that the embedded comment feature was acting up — sorry about that!