Tea and Coffee hunt

It was a beautiful weekend, the husband and I went to hunt for a couple things we needed in downtown Vancouver as we couldn’t find them in Richmond ^^; We chanced upon a couple girls wearing kimonos during our hunt ^^; The couple photos I took is cropped a bit closer from the originals as the zoom feature on our Lumix LX3 is quite limited. I am still quite impressed with the amount of details on the girl’s outfits which showed up in the photos tho!

I wonder what’s the special occassion ^o^

So what warrant a trip down town other than the spectacular weather?  We ran out of our coffee capsules for our Nespresso machine acquired earlier this month, and also we were looking for some stuff to bring with us for a pending (a bit unexpected) trip ^^;

There’s been some renovation going on in the mall, and I think this place we went to is somewhat new-ish, almost couldn’t find it ^^; Asked for permission before I took some quick shots ^^

Selection of coffee machines ^^ they are made in Switzerland ^o^

Free cuppa sample coffee ^^ They have a large selection of coffee flavors which I would never have known or could imagined ^^;

Took Vivi (Mamachapp) and Betsey (Blythe) with me ^^ Vivi couldn’t make up her mind which flavor to pick! Each capsule (the little container you see sitting on the “chairs”) supposedly contains about 40 grounded coffee beans ^^ She’s wearing an outfit I made for my blythes :P For more Vivi and a couple of Blythe photos go here.

So after finding our coffee, now to look for the other stuff ^^; Came across some funny sights as we make our way to the place which might sell the particular brand of item we were looking for…  Now fess up, who bent that pole?

Vancouver sightseeing bus having a nice view of a bum suntanning… in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown… ^^;

Fountain… Didn’t take photo of Gallery as it was quite severely backlit ^^;

Count down to Olympics ^^;

Saw these eagles(?) peppered around the place, decorated by different artists ^^

Another one

So at around this point in time, we found that the place which is most likely to sell the item we were hunting for has closed it’s original location o_o;;; And we have no idea where to find it’s new location ^^; In it’s place a seafood restaurant will be constructed…

So the hunt continues, blindly ^^; good exercise tho :P we walked a lot ^^; Came across the shop which my Blythe doll was named after!

Nice Kuruma ^^; Seats must be hot from being in the sun tho ^^;

There’s more skyscrapers in downtown Vancouver = sky gets covered by concrete jungle, some are offices, some residentials, rent and floor space = very expensive ^^;

Balloon artist ^O^ This guy kindly let us take a photo ^^/ I think he did a great job on Homer ^O^

Many resturants down the streets

Almost missed this one, it was rolling downhill quite fast ^^; I cropped it from the original image lol

Wandered into the public market, thinking maybe will find that item, but unfortunately no luck ^^;

Market feels kinda quiet ^^; but set up reminds me just a little of asia’s wet market for some reason ^^;

We were almost gonna give up for the day and then we bumped into one of husband’s co-worker (and family) who lives in downtown, he saved us by telling us about the OK Gift shop’s new location (YATTA!). Before we finally got to the new location of the OK Gift shop, that was where we came across the girls in Kimono ^o^!

Finally! Phew! Their new location is somewhat hidden ^^

I guess they probably get their business thru word of mouth?

After this we had to go home to feed our fur kids, the slightly ironic part of the hunt is… we found that we got the wrong brand of item which we were to bring…(due to misunderstanding on my part) Nyn-ron~~~~
Feel pretty bad for troubling my husband ^^; But at least we got the right type of coffee ^^;

Totally non related to hunt… went to take a walk in park near our area… Saw some bebe duckies!!! All pictures are cropped from original.
Mama duck: “!!!”

She quacks softly and continuously to warn the ducklings to get in the water.

Her experiences probably told her that those 2 legged aliens with a box does not swim ^^;

It’s really nice to see the ducklings this small tho! They grow up very fast ^^

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Next post will have some art, promise! (Just realised I bumped the last art entry off the page with this entry!)

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  1. yamada
    yamada says:

    lovely photo except teh car XD btw chun I want to ask you how you made your blog into website, I’m gonna start with WordPress first ^3^

  2. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    blehh so hard to find a good cuppa coffee these days now isn’t it? ^^
    hmm duck… haven’t had duck for a while yup yup… (just kidding)

  3. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    So you never found out where the Kimono girls went to?
    I’ve been away from Van over the weekend, so I wonder what I’ve missed over the weekend ^^;
    Homer balloon looks great!

  4. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre nope unfortunately we were running out of time ^^; and it would be a bit stalkerish :P Anime Evolution is coming, are U going?

  5. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    pretty girls in kimonos! wow we that in my city! the coffee place looks complicate and super fancy. Betsey Johnson! I know all of us regular folk can only window shop her store. $$$ :O awww at little quack quacks ^^

  6. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Hai, this is my first time on this site. I was very intrigued by this post because I also live in Vancouver. It would be so cool if I saw you on the streets someday, not I will know it is you. xD
    This post on Downtown totally gave me new places to check out in the summer. The pictures here showed me more of downtown than I’ve ever seen. I’m still just a teen….=) so my parents don’t let me out much, and they nvr have time to take me places anymore.
    Anyways it would be so cool if you posted more pictures of your trips around the Greater Vancouver area. I’ll definitely check this blog like a travel guide LOL for places I can go in the summer. =) Kudos to you and the blog!

    Is Chun your real name?

  7. chun
    chun says:

    @Vivian Hallo, welcome to the site :) I actually hardly go downtown, which is probably why I take pictures when I do sometimes ^^ I hope you’ll have a chance to walk around downtown when you’re older, do becareful if you’re on your own tho ^^; Chun is the last character of my chinese name ^^

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