Season’s Greetings!

Oops, fallen off the blogging wagon yet again :P End of the year is always really busy for me and family, and not too long ago I was actually in Singapore/Japan for about 3 weeks ^^; Hope to show some photos taken during the trip eventually! :) Ahem recently I noticed that a certain type of cutting have been making its rounds online so… I had to draw my idea of the Santa version of it :P

Before the trip I made a graphic for BlytheCon Vancouver :D On hindsight maybe it should have said Season’s Greetings too lol!

And…. a sneaky preview of the official fabric designs for BlytheCon Vancouver can be found here! All proceeds for the official designs will go help fund the event! :D

Also! Helped the lovely Kuraikawai of created a slightly festive feeling to the Murasaki chan x Puppy Mascot art :3


HooHooHoo! Merry Christmas very soon and a Happy, awesome and prosperous 2015 everyone!

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  1. SleepyWolf
    SleepyWolf says:

    Merry Christmas Chun!

    Here’s hoping you, your family, Ginko and Yoshi have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    I love your illustrations :3 apart form my Murasaki-chan which I saw already, Paw chan looks super cute! and great idea to use the now super popular “oppai sweater” as a xmas dress xDDDD
    blythe-chans looks as cute nendoroids, hihihihi :3

  3. chun
    chun says:

    Hope you and family had a lovely Christmas! I’m still super jet lagged due to various reasons =_=; I think everyone is in holiday mood lol! Blythes are fun! they started me going on the doll hobby lol

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