Couple sketches and a load of cute ^^;

Did a couple sketches last week, one was a random girl in bikini (drew it before the bad news day).

Last week a friend came over to visit us for a bit (she also needed to drop something off) and we took her to stalk baby bunnies at a local park (selected pix under cut) :D I hope it distracted my husband a little, a tiny little baby bunny ate a carrotstick from his hand and actually touched his finger a bit! (I’m jealous :P) Husband had Meowmeow for longer than I do, while I know I am still upset over Meow’s passing, I know he had a longer and stronger bond with the cat, who of course loves my husband more than me, and may take longer for his sadness to pass…

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Legacy of a cat with many faces

Still trying to come to terms about the loss of our Meowmeow, he left too sudden and too unexpectedly. We gave the go ahead for the vet to do a surgery to remove threads from his bowels, his bloodwork was great, we both thought he would be fine. But he didn’t wake up this morning :( we got a call from the vet around 8am to tell us meow wasn’t responding =_= and was THEN told that the chances for the operation was 50/50.

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A day in – an injured finger

Picture below of army of chocolate bunnies taken while going to get medication (for the husband’s injured finger) at pharmacy in a Supermarket. Not as impressive as my friend’s photo tho!

Easter seems to be a bigger thing in Canada than in Singapore (not sure for the latter for now tho).

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Art and Snow Nyoron~

Sorry for lack of art updates, nyoron~ ^^; Hopefully this entry might make up for it somehow? ^^;
One more artwork and some photos ^^/
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Another post about random

This week managed to finish a record speed little commission for Otaku Dan! :D Very happy to be chosen to refresh the mascot/logo, the mascot is so cute, like a mochi with ears, tail and glasses ^O^ ^^; want to eat it lol!

Click on image below to see the page introducing the art ^^/

I draw full time for but occassionally I do take a freelance commission or 2, have to squeeze it into free time sometimes if the commission has more details ^^; Each commission work is different, so charge and time to complete differ per client ^^;  Example if the mascot is a full size girl with detailed clothing etc, it’ll cost more than drawing a mochi mascot with a face and accessory :) Currently I have a couple things in queue ^^; (Sorry for the wait!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My online gallery was live on 14 feburary since 1997!  (^O^)/! (Man I feel old :P)
I was trying to draw something more sexy or moe, but my left eye had been bugging me on and off making it hard to work long hours on computer so, hope U peeps don’t mind the quick art below ^^;  

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Thursday sketches

Finally an overdue entry for some sketches ^^; Our cat’s condition is still keeping us on our toes, so I barely have time to think about sketches, but I was at the shop yesterday and there were some slower moments so I sketched on and off. Here are 3 of them ^^/! My eyes (optical pair, just to clarify for those who are from dannychoo :P) had been really tired, and twitchy possibly from not enough rest =_=; Anyhows,

Below is a pencil sketch, with semi reference to one of my Mirai Yukino Dollfie dream photo I took recently :)
Click on image below to view full version ^^/ 

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A (few) day(s) in…

This is a kinda non art related post unless you want to count this postit art my husband drew :P
There’s a sneak peek of something I was working on near end of this entry tho ;D

Our poor senior Meowmeow was sick since monday (started puking around 4 am on monday and puked every other hour o_o), very bad for him, our finances and all of our stress level ^^; Hopefully it’s nothing super major since blood work and xray was non conclusive  at the moment.

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Ranka quick sketch

Watched Macross Frontier with hubs and decided okay gonna sketch Ranka Lee, I don’t super like her but I thought her hair style is kinda unique in a funny way… anyone think they look like floppy ears?

Anyhows here is the super (duper) quick sketch, done in 10-15 minutes ^^;
Not sure if I am gonna colour her tho, but if I am to do that, definitely not this week, too busy :P

On a totally random note, Meowmeow got the corporate cuddling punishment for being naughty :P (tumblred)

Doodle of cone cat, 2nd installment

Hai, now in Gallery :P (read from your left to right)

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Gonna cook dinnerkaybai