Eddy, Rambo, Marbles and Olive!

I follow @bunnymama on instagram for a while now and I love her bunnies! Bunnymama also is an advocate for being a responsible pet owner, adopting from shelters rather than buying a pet from shops.

Do lots of homework before getting a pet bunny (or any other pet) for your family! Bunnies require a lot more care and attention than most people think! And they can live for a lot longer when properly cared for! You can find out a lot more resources from eddyrambo.com. Even though I do not own any bunnies I learnt a lot from the links :)

On 19th September, I did a rough sketch and posted on instagram ^^ It was reposted on @eddyrambo and I decided I have to colour it when I have sometime.

And here it is coloured!  (and rearranged lol)

Some new products are available on HOPSHOP! All proceeds goes to animal shelters :)

Myself and husband do not keep bunnies BUT we do own a pair of rescue cats from a local no kill shelter, Ginko and Yoshi. I post almost daily photos of Ginko and Yoshi on instagram @puppychun ^^/

Above: Yoshi (tabbyboy) and Ginko (grey girl) brought a lot of joy to us which no money can buy! :) I draw a weekly comic strip for a Singaporean paper about “House with 2 cats”, and I was posting them on their website and on tapastic, but fell behind ^^; I hope to make time to continue translating and posting it on their webpage eventually ^^;

Thanks for looking!

4 replies
  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I love your drawing! I was wondering if you would make an image like that of my bunnies? I could possibly trade you something I made for it?

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Hi Kelly, thanks for your interest in my work, I’m sorry I can’t do trades at the moment ^^; I do take drawing commissions sometimes tho, depending on details and such.

  3. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I’ve been filling @bunnymama for awhile now on Instagram and I just love the drawings you did for her of her rabbits! How much would it be to get my rabbit drawn similarly??

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Hi Amanda! So sorry to reply you so late! I haven’t checked on my blog in a while and your comment was just waiting to be approved x_x please kindly contact me at puppy52(at)gmail to discuss information :)

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