Commission work – Yu chan

I was commissioned by Alvin to draw his Dollfie dream Yukino chan into a 2D mascot. This post is to document some of the progress :) Thanks Alvin and Yu chan!

Each commission piece differ in detail and style, so cost differ as well, I’m glad I had some time to do this piece :) I’m a fan of Yukino Dollfie dream too! :P

Alvin’s Yu chan is a happy and active girl ^o^

A little mischievous sometimes…

Hopefully this captures the essence of her “default” look :)

The initial rough sketch (after seeing the references as provided by Alvin for pose etc), this was done before I received payment, hence the “sample” text splashed across the image.

As you may notice, the pencil sketching and the inked sketch has some differences. Did the different expressions on the computer for approval.

3 expressions were selected and finalised inked sketch was slightly rotated for a more natural angle.

Before I start colouring I make sure that the inked artwork is approved, as when I start to colour any major change like pose will mean I have to start sketching/inking again and that can cost extra ^^;

Usually at the colouring stage, the tint of the colour can still be changed if needed. For this piece, the shoes, hair and polkadots probably took more time than the others to complete. ^^/ Thanks for looking!

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  1. Alvin
    Alvin says:

    Hey Chun, a big thank you for your help on behalf of Yu Chann and all the Yukinos around the world. Hope to be able to roll out the photo comic soon. Stay tune.. :3

  2. Alvin
    Alvin says:

    Aray, her artwork of Yukino is so fascinating of cos I have to Thank her for that. Now all the shy shy Yukinos will be in the front lines… lol

    *Yu Chan giggles*

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