Have not post much art recently, but recently I had the great pleasure of doing this piece of commission art by Vedrana to create Murasaki chan for her ^O^ blog Murasaki.me

So the process started via some e-mailing back and forth — it’s easier that way to keep track of what is needed to be drawn, each piece of work I do differ from client to client, depending on what they intend to use it for and how much detail, if they need a background or just transparent… :) So when some terms and pricing are agreed upon, I work on a rough sketch to show. Most of the time I request for half or a percentage the payment first when I start work, i.e. show a sketch.

Next step I use Sai to “ink” a cleaner image out to be coloured later (What is Sai?) I use red as it stands out over the rough sketches. I change the line colour to black and remove the layer of rough sketch. Much cleaner this way. I also make corrections and adjustments along the way and e-mail previews to show Vedrana :)

Fast forward… lol! This is close to the final version :) Usually before I get paid in full, I will splash “sample” text across the image. Vedrana had kindly gave me permission to post the art of her mascot :D

At the final stage, any changes which require me to redraw will cost extra, I will still be able to tune/change some colours if needed. But luckily for us, Vedrana liked the final result! :D I only need to change the eye colour ;)

Thanks again Vedrana! It’s great pleasure working with you! I hope you like  2D Murasaki chan :3!

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12 Responses to Commission work – Murasaki chan

  1. Kuraikawai says:

    She is awesoooomee!! :) i’m very happy with the final result, so I was with the sketches! You did a great job, just as I imagined..Thanks for not posting the terrible and horrible sketch of the idea for the pose ^^’ lol
    She will be the perfect mascot for Murasaki.me :) The pleasure was mine!

  2. chun says:

    Thank you again for having me help to create her! I thought your sketch was very helpful heehee! I look forward to see your girls cosplay as Murasaki chan XD!

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  4. Kuraikawai says:

    you got the idea, so that is what counts ^^””
    I will have to commission you again for Murasaki-chan’s dress! :ppp ahhahaha

  5. chun says:

    I’m a very visual person, so even a stick figure to show pose helps XD
    hahaha white fabric… might work… lol not sure if I can get the skirt part exactly tho ^o^;

  6. Kuraikawai says:

    Don’t worry, first I have to get a head and body, and that will take a bit now :p

  7. chun says:

    awww! good luck with that tho XD

  8. Anjobanjo says:

    WAAIII!! Beautiful chunners! Always so pretty! <3

  9. chun says:

    Thanks Annjoo!!! :3

  10. cgivisionary says:

    Awwwww! She’s a cutie and a sweetie. Such lovely big eyes, too. ♡ ♡ ♡

  11. chun says:

    hehehee thank you :D

  12. cgivisionary says:

    You’re welcome. ☺

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