Senmei Fanart Contest 2015

Please vote for my Senmei fan art! :P


This year I will be bringing more fan art for my booth at the artist alley at Anime Revolution, I hope you like them ^^;> I have also submitted this image to my deviant art ^^/

View past year’s Senmei fan art :D

Senmei Fanart Contest 2014

ETA: Voting is now live :D Please vote for my Senmei fan art if you like it! There’s plenty more awesome entries too ^^/

Woah, been a while since I last posted!

Here’s my submisson for this year’s Senmei Revolution! Fanart Contest, once again held by Anime Revolution in Vancouver. I will be sharing a booth with a couple friends! (^o^)/

The deadline for the Contest is coming soon! June 15th, 2014 at 11:59PM 

Good luck to everyone who’s entering!

A quick progress image:

(1) Sketched the idea and pose in pencils

(2) Scanned into the computer, clean up/inked in Sai,

(3) – (4) Then I colour, then shade, and then add in a splash of background colour and some text in photoshop ^v^)/

You can also view my submission for 2012 here.

And submission for 2013 here~! And a fan art which I made into buttons here XD

Thanks for looking!

Senmei Fanart Contest 2013

You still have time to make a submission for Senmei Fanart Contest 2013! Deadline is 30th June 2013! I managed to finish mine today *phew*


Senmei chan is so cute :P Drawing this makes me want to eat a parfait tho ^^;;;; A couple progress images under cut ^^/

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Mirai Suenaga Illustration Contest!

Been a while since I made a full CG!

Mirai Suenaga has always been one of my favourite characters and a great inspiration :3 Had to try my hand to make a new art for the Mirai Suenaga Contest! If you still have time to make  a CG to enter, do it now as the contest ends 20th October ^o^;;;;

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Moe Passion Mascot fan art 2

Been a while since I posted anything art related ^^; been busy sewing amongst other stuff, I need to clone myself :P

Punynari san is generously holding another contest for his adorable mascot Sakura-chan, when I saw it I know I had to find time to take part again ^^;

Click to full view ^^/

I included another version where Sakura chan is wearing a different coloured swimwear and with her wings :3

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An-chan fan art for Bakemonogatari Giveaway

Okay I said I will try it, and this one I am cutting it pretty close cos suddenly got a lot of stuff to do (and argh some haven’t completed) ^^;;;;;;;;  Chibi chan is organizing a Bakemonogatari Giveaway ending 14th March which I thought I’ll try my hand at too :P

For bigger version please click on image below :3

Will update into the Gallery later ^^;/

Moe Passion Mascot fan art

Took a break from other stuff I working on to do a quick CG submission for the Moe Passion Artwork contest held by punynari san ^o^

Click image below to view a larger version

Quite happy with how she turned out even tho it’s done pretty quickly ^^; I thought she looked cute without wings too so included a wing-less version under the cut :3

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