Inked in Sai

Sai is a really good program! Small, smooth to use… I love it! o_o into day 5 of the trial period (eek) I may end up posting the full pose (when the art is completed) later on afterall ^^;
I also edited her left arm pose ^^

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  1. gordon
    gordon says:

    she seems to have drop some papers (i hope she drop more papers in future. gosh what am i saying?). is she a OL or student? ^^;

  2. viramz
    viramz says:

    Looking great, although i would like to see the uncropped version ;).
    You know I downloaded sai recently after seeing some stuff on youtube, but haven’t had time to test it jet, but it looks realy natural.

  3. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    viramz in due time ^O^! I’m working on a simple background :3 I love Sai, I hope I’ll eventually get my butt off to find out how to get a legit copy LOL

    gordon ah I see I see, well she’s more like a teenager, late teen? LOL

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