Got Moo and some news!

Happy 2009! :D I think in some countries it’s already 2009 so I’ll post this Moo year image a little bit earlier ;)!

Click on image below to get the full view!

Thank you everyone for coming back and supporting this simple little site! I am very glad that is still around after so many years and I hope for many more years to come!

I also finally updated the previous 2 images into Gallery page plus an Ahmin Happy 2009 artwork!
Who is Ahmin? A little more information can be found on a past entry of mine here.

Ahmin is retiring from being published in the Chinese Daily paper Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore next year after 10 years of drawing her, she’s still an eternal 18 years old, if you must know ;P
But she will still make an occasional appearance on my website, so those who take notice of her and like her, fret not :3!

Click on image below to get the full view!

Ahmin drawing above is sketched in pencil, inked with a pilot drawing pen and cleaned up and coloured in Sai, text and slight effects added quickly in Photoshop.

I also have an update on of a new arrival, I “blame” a particular *cough*person*cough* for tempting me :P But I must say I am trilled the package arrived sooner than expected! :D