Finally have a chance to sync/back up my iphone, it’s taking hours ^^; meanwhile, copied some pix into computer :P

Buy so much spam? Well, it was on sale ^^; Almost half price of what we normally see, so we stocked up ^^;

I don’t always carry my camera with me at home, but I do have my iphone with me most of the time ^^; Despite that the camera is not the best on the phone, it does allow me to capture some cute moments of our cats or stuff which I am doing/nomming on at the moment :)

Ah good life :P

Their job is being cute :P

and silly lol

Ginko’s paws are so cute and dainty ^o^

Yoshi checking out the WDTV Live which husband installed recently… (actually I made a booboo, it’s probably the PS3 menu on the TV lol)

Mysterious early xmas arrival ^^;

Went to get glasses and had a feeling of de ja vu ^^; Maybe next time :P

Sighting of birds despite the cold o_o Furkids were very excited to see them too ^^;

Below are photos of milk tea and compliments taken over the past weeks ^^;  So if U hungry nao… Be warned :P


Mmmmm milk tea :3 with maple waffles ^o^

With Kaya toast, Kaya is coconut jam, which is something from Singapore I miss time to time ^^; Luckily we have them at the local Yaohan ^o^

Milk tea goes well with biscotti which a friend made and gave us at the end of spending an evening with him ^o^! We are so spoilt lol

Julie’s green tea “love letters” yum!

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12 Responses to iPhone photos

  1. chibinezumi says:

    those are a lot of birds. lol at the glasses! it can seem repetitive. yes good milk tea or chai goes well with yummy cookies, the green tea love letters and biscotti looks delicious! (makes grabby hands at the computer screen.) mystery gift looks like it is crying to be let out! fur kids are doing their “job” well ^^

  2. radiant says:

    Wow… the iPhone can take some surprisingly good photos!

    Do you use iTunes to upload your photos? I’ve been using an app called PhotoUplink, but it’s still quite bothersome. I’ve got quite a few photos from Singapore that I haven’t uploaded yet because they’re stuck on my iPhone. -_-

    And yay for spam! Spam fried rice! ^^

  3. chun says:

    I find that the iphone takes decent photos only in day time or when there’s enough light ^^; I use Mobile Fotos to upload my photos direct into my flickr OR I plug my phone into my laptop to copy them ^^ Reminds me I gotta make some fried rice some time :P

  4. chun says:

    There’s actually alot more other type of birds on the field across our deck lol! Mystery gift have to wait a bit longer before I set it free LOL furkids work hard ^^;

  5. moemoekyun says:

    chun are you poised by danny make a post all about food like in week in tokyo or a day in tokyo @_@ ?

  6. i love luncheon meat. yum yum. ^^ but my mum disagrees with me. she says it’s unhealthy(?) =(

  7. garturo62 says:

    yar yar lots of food = win now I feel like eating some sort of pastry Ima go to the store now and it’s 3:40 AM.

  8. chun says:

    well I’ve always enjoyed taking food pix LOL I am usually the kind of person who stop everyone from eating before I take a photo :P At first people complained when I post pix of food but now I try to post once in a while ;P

  9. chun says:

    It’s high in salt and fat and unknown meat… that is why lol I like it too, but cannot eat too often la, more like if run out of something fresh then use type thing ^^;

  10. chun says:

    I’ve been craving cake…. ugh

  11. moemoekyun says:

    seeing your cat why not make nekomimi ear for your daughter ^_^

  12. chun says:

    I thought about it, just haven’t gotten to it ^^; I need octopus arms XD

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