Cheesecake etc – the cake is not a lie!

It’s been a long time (years!) since we went to Cheesecake etc, I must say it is still one of my favourite cheese cake place in Vancouver!

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Nyoro~n get!

Resistance is futile… ^^; Thanks husband for the present :) and Yoshi for being cooperative for this adorable photo :3

We took advantage of a sale at Jhobby lol Will debox in day time I think? Food pix ahead, you been warned ^^;/ Read more

Post birthday documentation ^^

Take note, my birthday has already passed okay :P LOL This is just an entry to document activities and of course FOOD ABUSE lol! We start with this yummy salmon burger (Which I already took a nibble of) which I had at Watermark on Kits Beach  photo taken by my husband ^^ I took one before the nibble but I felt that this one taken by my husband looks better ^^/

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