Fur kids, afternoon bubble tea and lens pen

Fur kids taken over a corner of our bed ^^; Ginko’s leg suddenly moved on top of Yoshi as I took the photo XD They had been waking up so early 5-5.45am =_= they get tired quickly by noon ^^;

See those neko mimis (cat ears) at the back?  That’s Ginko next to my husband’s face :P

Neko paws are cute when the claws are retracted ^^; Yoshi is lazy to clean his eye shit ^^;

Yoshi falling into a deep nap…

Ginko is LOL cat ^^; (but really she’s just yawning :P)

Normally she looks like this ^o^:

After I gotten a hair cut, I went to meet my husband at Gogo Tea Cafe, a bubble tea place which we heard used to have their waitresses dress up like in that of a Maid Cafe ^^; when we were there the waitresses were dressed in tees and shorts tho lol!

Husband’s order of Logan and Ginger tea ^^/

Vivi came along too ^^/ to see more pix of her you can check out the doll blog entry :)

Husband took a couple random outdoor shots, probably taken in vibrant mode, appears a little underexposed.

This looks so surreal and dramatic ^^ I actually adjusted it a bit in photoshop ^^;/

Our Lumix LX3’s lens got a bit dirty by now (Ginko tried to “punch” the lens today when I took the pictures ^^; and I also accidentally touched the lens a little while back =_=) so we went to look for a lens cleaner. We were recommended the LENSPEN by the store assistant, a bit skeptical at first.

But there was a customer who just bought it and was trying to clean his camera lens out in store. We were pretty much sold when we saw the live demo…

After browsing the site quickly realised we might have gotten it at an ok price despite it being about $15 CAD after taxes ^^;

Retractable brush to brush off loose dust, would preferred if the brush had something to cover the open end tho ^^;

The tip with the non liquid cleaning element ^o^

Quick exterior shot

Thanks for looking! Hope all of you had a great weekend!

Before I end this entry, I want to thank my mom for giving birth and raising me this big today LOL and thanks everyone who remembered even tho I tried to keep it as low key as I ever possibly could ^^; I’ll be out most of today so bbl!

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  1. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Happy Birthday Puppy~ *sends virtual hug* :3

    Ginko and Yoshi are gorgeous~ I like the first 4 photos especially, the 5th is a lil scary, lol~!

    The lenspen look quite useful =o I’ll look into it one I run out of the cleaning sheets I have at the moment. Thanks for mentioning it here, useful~

  2. maru
    maru says:

    Lenspen? Interesting. Marked down for future references.

    Btw, what’s with that random blurb in the end? LOL

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @maru hehe will have to try it out for longer to see if it works well in the long run :P random blurb is for records lol

  4. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Happy belated Birthday! hope you enjoyed some yummy cake ^^. cute normal face of ginko! she has my cat’s muzzle, I call it his meowly look :D tea looks refreshing, and lenspen looks interesting.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @chibinezumi Oh thankk you! :D I did ^o^ so fUlllll lol and Awwww Ginko’s a little chubbier than her brother :D she’s almost a bit bear like we think XD lenspen was a good find, hope it’ll serve us for a while ^^

    @lightningsabre aw! Some cats actually don’t like their paws (esp the hind paws) to be touched ^^;

  6. maru
    maru says:

    Silly me…. IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I have no excuses.. I didn’t see the list >_> Happy belated birthday Chun!

  7. chun
    chun says:

    @Maru don’t worry ^^; I think I was pretty low key about it lol FatB blew my cover about half an hour before my birthday ended ^^;;;; Thank you XD

  8. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    looks like it’s still June 3 there, so I’m 3 days late? although you were born on the other side of the globe so technically the first statement is still correct. ^^

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @marvin lol don worry I think I kept it pretty low key until… like half an hour before it ended ^^;;; thankq :D

  10. gordon
    gordon says:

    a lenspen? i can really really do with a decent lens cleaning device. so hard to clean the surface of my lens with a spectacle cloth no matter how i wipe. >.<

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