Day trip to Victoria

Went to Victoria for a day trip, carpooled with friends early in the morning, took a 2 hour ferry, then another hour ish in a car…

Had a blast XD Luckily the weather was awesome despite a bit cold :)

had a small snack in the morning :P It was a salad bar which charged by weight :3

There was free wifi when we wait for the ferry but it doesn’t work with skype or whassap unfortunately, but I was able to browse the net on my phone and send e-mails at least ^^

Seriously, the blue skies made it a bit better :P If it were rainy, the ferry ride may not be smooth ^^; With the clear-ish day, the view from the car is quite spectacular too :D

We traded scrapbooks and I did some drawings on the scrapbook I was holding onto :)

I drew the 3rd page some point in the 2 hours ferry ride lol

Yummy food kindly prepared by our host! XP

Time flies when we’re having a great time! Below we’re waiting for the ferry to go back home already >_<;

Had good company which made the long ferry rides more fun! I borrowed this skeleton duck from one of my friends who got it in her goodie bag :D after that I was too tired to bother taking more photos lol :P

Took a picture of my loot this morning ^^;

For more photos with dolls in em, check out my doll blog entry here :D

Random: This blog post is partially brought to you by… just kidding LOL