Was introduced to a ramen place — Ramen Santouka, by Mai *drool* after a nice Dollfie Dream Yoko date… XD

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka on Urbanspoon

Oiishii kata!!! Must go again my husband and Mai ordered this: Toroniku ramen? The pork for this dish is very tender o_o

Meaty meat…  I tried one piece, it’s quite fat (maybe I got the fattest part of the slices oops lol)

I ordered Shio Ramen, I like it a lot! :D Next time I may order with more cha siew because the cha siew is “melt in the mouth” tasty! :P


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8 Responses to Ramen Santouka

  1. Nvr had true ramen thats why I ende uphaving a hard time with the pork, didnt know tjhat it has to be really tender

  2. YuKi-To says:

    Singapore has one too! I ordered Pork Cheek Shio Ramen


  3. chun says:

    Oooh that’s the one! It’s yum XD Ahhh want to eat it again lol! Right now they have the summer cold noodles too, I might see if I can try that next time :)

  4. i-pup (Jun) says:

    I just recovered frm terrible flu and now Chun showed more yummy food…
    I cant resist liao will eat RAMEN this week >_<

  5. chun says:

    sorry to hear about your flu! Glad you recovered! Enjoy your ramen!!!

  6. mmmm, Yummy looking food. Maybe I can recommend my friend to go here when he moves to Vancouver around September first ^^.

    Isn’t helping as I’m craving Japanese food myself haha.

  7. chun says:

    I’m hungry again looking at my food pix LOL, your friend here for work or school?

  8. Lol! I do that to myself as well whenever I look at various food images I took.

    Uh, work I guess, and a “change of pace” as they say?

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