Japan 2011 – Nakano

Went around looking for a replacement point and shoot camera, and decided that’s not the way to blow my money ^^;

A couple cameras we were eyeing, cost almost half as much more to buy it in Japan than Canada with the strong yen against Canadian… =_=;;;

In the end, I decided to get an older kit lens which is discontinued at a much more reasonable price, at a camera shop which sold new and old camera/equipment. Finally got to take more photos tonight ^^;

Before getting the camera, we walked around in Nakano Broadway to check out some of the shops :3 had a nice time ogling at the Dollfie dreams ^^; So expensive haha ^^;;;

Faint… at the price tag…. (puppies covering Sasara’s puppies — they were very erm perky ^^;)

Parabox shop looked a bit different from what I remember… Either they moved or they renovated XD tempted to buy a lot more stuff than I should ^^;

Photos below are taken with the new lens

Time for dinner, we decided to try out a teppanyaki place which was quite hidden, had to go to 2nd floor to get to it :D the young waitress who tended to us spoke some English and helped us out a lot — I was stammering in my limited broken Japanese HAHA how embarrassing ^^;;;

Mos burger!!!

Husband saw this adorable stray cat hiding in a corner XD took a few shots, glad one turned out fine :)

Missing Ginko and Yoshi… luckily our house/cat sitters took some pictures for us :3

Omake: Saw and bought a Pon de Lion toy figure 2nd hand at a pretty decent price at one of the shops XD so happy! I wanted one for a long time :P

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Romina
    Romina says:

    Ah! Thanks so much for the pics. They make me smile remebering the days in nihon :)
    I see a sign for Okinawa cuisine! If you can you should try it cause it is amazing!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Yah, very unfortunate that my camera broke, have to spend unnecessary money ^^; but I guess luckily there are other option than to buy a new and overpriced camera lol, have to wait a bit to get it somewhere else >_<;

  3. YO!Harmonica
    YO!Harmonica says:

    Nakano! I had been there for 2 months working my Summer Part-time Job. ^^ Got to go to Nakano Broadway and looking around anime-related stuff everyday.

    Ya. Those Dolfie is really expensive. >.<

    And the cat is cute with it's tongue out. ^^

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Nice! :D Nakano broadway is full of temptations!!! What was your summer part time job? :)
    The cat was so sweet haha too bad we didn’t get to pat it :P

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