It has been a bit rainier than usual this few weeks, so on Saturday when the nice weather was a treat :)

Attended a wonderful BBQ birthday party in the evening :3

Before that, walked about in Steveston + attending to some errands. Discovered a little hidden nook of a wine tasting place called gudrun

Took the shots a bit too quick so wrong focus ^^;

Love their decor!

Shared a quick coffee

Funny sighting at bike shop

Not usually a fan of roses but this look rather pretty :)

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2 Responses to Gorgeous Saturday

  1. aquilla says:

    That second photo with the one ‘big’ bubble is amazing. Did you plan that shot or was it a lucky snap?

  2. chun says:

    it was a very lucky shot lol with bubbles it’s not possible to plan :) I had to crop a bit off, but it’s awesome!

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