Zazzle issues

The Miraifox teeshirts have currently been pulled because zazzle is having problems producing the quality we expected…
Until it is rectified, we are trying to work with zazzle to remedy the situation. If you happened to receive a sub quality shirt, please do contact zazzle to have it sorted out ^^;/

I am really sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused, we previously received the same type of tee shirts with different images, so we were shocked that the quality was not the same as the initial tee shirts.

Below is the puppy shock teeshirt I gotten when I just opened shop in late 2008 ^^; It has been thru a few washes by now, and still look quite clear. (photo taken last week)

I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect the same quality printing for the current tee shirts, but unfortunately for the last two shirts Danny received they looked really worn out when they were supposedly new ^^;

(click image below to see full view)

Some links which might be helpful: The Zazzle Return Policy

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