Hanami and a break of blue sky

In between errands, I was lucky enough to be able to catch some photos :D

The past few days had been grey, cold, rainy and gloomy, so during errands today it felt so rewarding to have even a little break of blue sky :D These trees were near a school, and I was crazy enough to climb up a rope structure (as high as I can manage) with my camera dangling on one hand ^^;

This tree is possible one of the bigger ones we have seen so far I think? Too bad we missed it’s prime.

Back on the ground :P That was scary LOL if I had both hands free, it would be a lot easier lol I was climbing with one hand and a few fingers :P

Recently acquired a fiddly and nifty little toy :P a fish eye lens attachment for my iphone :P Too bad it’s currently sold out where we got it ^^;

Really like the effect it creates :D

But, when the trees sheds petals they look really pretty too, it’s just difficult to capture the magic on camera. :)

From here onwards it’s a different tree :3 more fluffy ^o^ Too bad I accidentally dirtied the lens :P so some photos are partly smudged ^^;

Thanks for looking :D!