Hanami in Tokyo

Due to good timing and using our incoming anniversary as an excuse, we made a trip to catch Hanami in Japan! Meaning of Hanami on wikipedia.

The photos in this entry were taken in Yoyogi park taken on 21 March. I think this was probably the best day during the whole trip for Hanami photos. Please click on the photos for full view!

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Hanami and a break of blue sky

In between errands, I was lucky enough to be able to catch some photos :D

The past few days had been grey, cold, rainy and gloomy, so during errands today it felt so rewarding to have even a little break of blue sky :D These trees were near a school, and I was crazy enough to climb up a rope structure (as high as I can manage) with my camera dangling on one hand ^^;

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Hanami in summer?

Summer type weather… almost like the weather is playing an april fool’s joke on us :P  A nice one at that!

Felt really lucky to be able to enjoy this scene on such gorgeous weather!

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First ride of 2013

Really glad I had time to take Strida Mini out today!

It was a perfect afternoon for a ride, it was cold but not freezing. So glad to have Strida Mini as I was able to go a bit further than if I was just walking and managed to take some photos with my doll, Aki which I am quite happy with :)

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Hanami 2012

One of my favorite season in Vancouver has to be spring!

What can be better than spring  blossoms on a beautiful gorgeous day?! ^o^

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Cakes and flying petals

Mmm cakes from Diplomat Bakery… oiishii ^^; been a while since we last had it :P cos having too much cake = getting spare tyre around the belly =_=;

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Hanami 2011

The tree near our place finally fully bloomed last week :D Today when I went to take some more photos of Aki I noticed some petals were already starting to fall ^^; Husband took some photos of blossoms at night at Burrard Station ^^

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