Baby Blue art cleaned up

*Moving some posts I have cached into fire fox over :3

Phew, another long week of flurry of busy-ness, managed to squeeze in some time to clean up Bblue’s line art with Sai, should be hopefully colouring it in between work over the week (I hope)!

The initial line art, unfortunately have a buncha broken lines after scanning in higher resolution, so I was quite busy smoothing out the lines with Sai. I’m so glad Sai is a relatively small program and very easy to use for this purpose ^^! You probably can tell some differences in the comparison image above :3 Bblue is in the lead at the moment LOL! Thanks for participating in the voting!

Ahmin is kinda sad that she’s last in line, I suspect it was because people may be concern that she is a “trap” but she’s 100% girl okay! :P

I am aware of some of the feedback about my gallery and I’ll be thinking about how to improve it over time, thank you for coming back and supporting this messy little gallery tho :) I think I may try to put some of the labels (example Fan art) on the side, to hopefully make it a bit easier for people who prefer to look at a bigger thumbnails with some ramblings with related blog posts ^^/

Which sections do you check out when you come here? Please comment if you will ^^!

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