Strida Mini adventures 3 — Got milk

Ran out of milk today, and decided to go a different way to buy a small pack of milk. Testing out Strida Mini again :3

This little trip took about half an hour for both ways, including stopping to take pictures, unfolding the bike to get into the store and buy milk. Also included stopping for pedestrians etc.

It’s somewhat a bumpy-ish ride, and was a warm/sunny day. I got home sweaty (argh) and feeling my arms got a good work out :P

This plants are so pretty!

Learnt a new Strida “Kung Fu” from my Strida guru in Singapore, to partially unfold Strida Mini so it props itself up like a tripod :)

Really cool :D

Going to include a little documentation of last evening lol, some evil food photos at the bottom ^^; Went to watch a movie :3

Change of pace

All I can think of is crap LOL

Bright orange “joy ride” with a well worn harness ^^


The tag reads Rosemary ‘Barbecue’

Before Movie we went to have Vera’s Burger!




Spicy wings… Not really my thing but I had a drumlette lol

poutineeeeeee omg so good ^^;

Really good BBQ beef burger :P


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  1. yaku
    yaku says:

    My comments seem out of order because I’m going backwards :3

    *looks at HolyCrap* I’d so get that as souvenirs for my friends lol XD

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