Cheeky Chickadees

Photos in this post are taken on different days, after we got some seeds and bird feeder and I did some home work on the internet to see how to attract these guys…  Currently our main downfall is that our cats Ginko and Yoshi are a bit too interested whenever they spy the Chickadee(s) checking out the seeds I scattered around as “advertisement”~! XD

One brave Chickadee always comes over and check things out, almost as if he knew that maybe the cat(s) won’t be able to get thru the invisible shield :P I put some seeds on the railing and he would come to try to pick some up :)

Today I managed to catch a few rather awesome shots! This little guy was possibly looking around to see if there’s any cats close by XD

He came back again shortly and succeeded in picking up a seed or two, but unfortunately my focus was wrong so I didn’t get any sharp photos of the epicness >_<;

Wish us luck with attracting more of these cute and cheeky visitors! :)