Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! ^^; Click image below for a larger version :3

Aaaah…. I don’t update art posts often enough ^o^; Hope you like this quick art! My doll blog, and Ginko and Yoshi’s page has finally been updated as well ^o^/

Snow and snow geese in February!

Been a while since I last blogged ^^;

Had some snow fall since yesterday, didn’t know if it was going to stick until we woke up to find ourselves in winter wonderland again…

The poor snowgeese are back – a strange occurrence, probably somewhat confused at the cold and lack of food? :(

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Season’s Greetings :D

Hope everyone is having an awesome Holiday! :)

Bird watch continues…

So the bird watch continues, I try not to be by the window too much so as not to scare the birds off ^^; There’s actually other types of birds which comes by but they tend to fly off way faster than Chickadees…

I think the bird on the lower branch could be a white crowned sparrow…

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Chickadee stalking close up

Chickadee: Hmmm what do we have here?

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Cheeky Chickadees

Photos in this post are taken on different days, after we got some seeds and bird feeder and I did some home work on the internet to see how to attract these guys…  Currently our main downfall is that our cats Ginko and Yoshi are a bit too interested whenever they spy the Chickadee(s) checking out the seeds I scattered around as “advertisement”~! XD

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Clear Winter day

I biked out for an errand last Wednesday, it turned out lovely after the grey looming clouds in the morning was blown away.  It was still really cold out, I had to wear two hats under my helmet, gloves and wind breaker under two layers of clothing to bike out on my Strida Mini, but you know looking at the beautiful blue sky, it was worth it lol!

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Winter 2012

Brrrr! Sorry, have been busy with some illustration related work, so haven’t been posting much, and since I don’t have a small digital camera I don’t take as much photos :P (excuses!)

Not as much snow compared to last 2 years just yet, but feels a lot colder >_<

Lunar new year is coming, wish everyone a prosperous 2012!

Food 2011

New free glasses (only paid about $12 for shipping) this year :3 thanks to a friend for the heads up!

Documenting some activities of 2011, food pix included under the cut, you be warned… lol

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Japanese Yatai (屋台)

It was one of those evenings when we were out and about, feeling itchy to munch on something. Ended up finally checking out Bakutanyaki Tenku.

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