Canada day activities

I had been meaning to update sooner but got busy, really busy ^^; I am back dating this entry to document it :3

So first of July is Canada day… today is about 2 weeks later already ^^; the past 2 month or so feels like a blur, before that, we had some relatives visiting from Hong Kong, went to attend a graduation ceremony in Victoria Island o_o; in between that I was also spending a good amount of time in the sewing dungeon, prepared an update for the doll shop, among a few other things… Schedule was packed max ^o^;

This year the Canada day celebration was combined with Salmon festival and Ships to Shore :D I was almost not going to go (partly due to the weather being cloudy earlier that afternoon) but was invited by bluestarbaby to go after having our Japanese class (thank you <3!)  Some of the roads were closed, and parking was rather limited. Also it was REALLY crowded with people, probably the most crowded I have ever seen of Steveston village ^^;

This plate of BBQ salmon cost $15 CAD ^^;  Apparently it was always sold out every year at the Salmon festival celebration.

It was quite tasty tho, freshly cooked over hot charcoals XD

The Japanese Culture Centre was open to public as well with some activities… I wonder if I can bring my doll in for photos sometime :P may have to bike down and check it out one day :3

Did not go in for long, it got quite warm indoors suddenly as it warmed up outside.

Next, we went to check out Ships to Shore, saw some pirates on our way XD

I brought Strida Mini with me, (tho I hitched a ride in bluestarbaby and company’s car on our way to the village centre)

We had to queue up to go look at the ships closer, and the strollers were not allowed to go on the dock next to the ship. I saw a lot of people getting on the ships ^^;

Ironically I wasn’t allowed to hang around near the stroller as the elderly volunteer(?) watching the strollers being deposited in the waiting area had to quietly ask me to get back to where the queue was to wait for my friends… I was to be honest quite speechless :P But I didn’t want to make a scene so after I texted my friends I went to where the queue started to hang around and try to take photos from there.

So this is the closest I could get for a few minutes before I was asked to leave the waiting area :P

After waiting around a little, there were 2 mini pirate boats chasing each other on the waters, and firing shots XD It was quite entertaining to watch XD

:3 After that I biked home ^o^