Anime Evolution 3

Part 3 ^^; If you’re able to name those which I couldn’t, I credit you with link to your site by the image(s) ^^/

1) Husband asked them to just hold their pose as they relaxed by the window :) I think it made a great shot!
(PS: I know it’s L and Misa misa lol)

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Anime Evolution 2

Okay as promised, here’s part 2, and there will be more parts ^^; pictures are from different days and times ^^;

1) Most photos are taken by my husband unless stated otherwise ^^;/ Picture below taken on moving escalator LOL!

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Anime Evolution 1

This is my first Anime Evolution after so many years in Canada ^^; and also after many years of not attending conventions, I thank my friend from out of town for inviting me to take part this year.

I had a lot of fun stalking chasing cosplayers… like the adorable Mudkip below (Squeeeeeeeeee) and yes he(?) got a lot of hugs from everyone :P I’m sure it must be so hot inside the outfit tho! ^^;

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Anime Evolution – sneaky peek

First AnimeEvolution entry coming next week! Here’s a sneaky peek what was involved…

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