Thursday sketches

Finally an overdue entry for some sketches ^^; Our cat’s condition is still keeping us on our toes, so I barely have time to think about sketches, but I was at the shop yesterday and there were some slower moments so I sketched on and off. Here are 3 of them ^^/! My eyes (optical pair, just to clarify for those who are from dannychoo :P) had been really tired, and twitchy possibly from not enough rest =_=; Anyhows,

Below is a pencil sketch, with semi reference to one of my Mirai Yukino Dollfie dream photo I took recently :)
Click on image below to view full version ^^/ 

What was really amusing was that one of my friends saw my dollfie dream photos and she really loved L-Bust Mirai Yukino’s sexy curves! lol So I guess I kinda had her in mind when I drew the first couple sketches :P

Click on image below to view full version ^^/


A friend’s adorable blythe doll inspired the drawing below :)

Click on image below to view full version ^^/

Okie gotta get back to work, laters everyone!

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    The blythe drawing looks sweet. Can see the stress showing in your work. Hope things will let up some for you soon. I was reading your tweets and I’m glad that meowmeow is feeling better.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Pyoro thanks! I like drawing girls next door lol

    @Coco the Bean hehe sorry they’re kinda like acquired taste — blythe dolls that is ^^/

    @Edward :D I like blythe doll’s large head ^^; My work lookie rushed? lol eep! Things are still somewhat roller coastery with the cat being unwell but at least he’s eating! So that’s a good sign I guess :)

    @Blowfish Thank you :D tilted head lookie shy? Thanks for your concern, Meow’s sometimes good sometimes bad so it’s all still somewhat stressful ;_; I hope he gets well soonest as well!

    @Lene thank you! And lol glad U likeu :D:D

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @gordon I’ll try ^^; it’s difficult as I guess when I sleep I probably still have plenty in my mind so I can’t rest properly =_=; I see Ranka tho! ^^;

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