Happy Mother’s Day!

So what was I soooooo busy with this week? A mother’s day related flash doll card game for cartoondollemporium, I take no credit for the coding (done by the programmers in the team :)). Coming up with ideas, drawing, making change after change was very time consuming ^^; Haven’t had this little sleep for a long time XP! Really wanted to draw something else for puppy52.com but now I’m kinda burn out for ideas, so don’t mind this screen capture from the game ;)

However I would like to share a fuzzy childhood memory I had when I was probably less than 5 years old, I think we were told to draw a mother’s day card, and for some reason I did not know how to write “Mama” (in mandarin) properly, I ended up writing “horse horse”(In the chinese character, the “Ma” character in Mother (Mama), has an extra part which means “woman”) instead ^^;;;;;; remember it cracked my mom up :P

And my mom was a hottie in her younger days :P LOL

On a slightly non related note, one of the flash game — Runway Challenge, where I was involved in with a lot of the graphics was also out a little while back. This game kept me really busy for a long time as well, but the time crunch I did not feel as much as the mother’s day game ^^;

I created most of the graphics — Models, clothing, backgrounds, some buttons, and there was an animator involved with things like the model walking down the runway (poor guy had to animate all the clothing being animated :O), and all the coding is done by a flash programmer.

Brief information about the game: you can choose to model, judge or just watch the game. I guess due to that there’s only 2 spots for models, that selection almost always full ^^;
Being a model allows you to dress up with 2 rooms of clothing selection in a time limit, walk down the runway, and being a Judge, you see the models dress up, walk the runway and you get to give points, Watch will allow you to watch the game without having to take part in the dressing up or judging :) We’re probably going to add more features to the game in future, so I’ll probably blog about it when that happens :D

Curious? The direct link to the game is here, but remember, you need to sign up for a profile (free) to view/play with it! Also there’s music and sound effects, so you may wish to turn down the volume if you try to play late at night ^^;

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  1. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    mizunaga thank you! :D wish I had a bit more time, think it can be improved, hopefully next flash game ^^!

  2. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    gordon, haha bingo! :P I was sending a picture with a representation of me and my husband to my mom back in singapore! LOL

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