Over due art post etc

Sorry, been a while since I posted any artwork I know ^^; Just so many things to do, sometimes my personal art does take a back seat to everything else ^^; Here are a couple artwork which I sketched when I was at the cruise with family :3

Below is one inspired by a girl wearing a red bikini ^o^ I might as well throw in a girl in striped blue and white 2 piece huh? :P

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Sakura Saturday

This Saturday’s weather forecast was sunny and clouds, so had to get out there and try to take pix of the fleeting Sakuras (cherryblossoms)!

The white dots on the ground are wild daisies :) I love how serene and peaceful the above photo is ^^

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Mio Akiyama fan art

Wow just realise I haven’t drawn fan art in a long time ^^;

I must say the girls in K-ON! are really cute and Moe-some ^^; First found out about K-ON! from Danny ^^; Out of the girls I think I like Mio Akiyama the most because(!!!) she’s probably like the girl I’d like to be like? If you know what I mean ^^;  Nice long hair, sweet and shy, nice body (ahem), talented, and just so Moe no? :P

Here’s a couple pieces of work in progress ^^;
click on image below to get to a full view version ^^/

There’s another version but it may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), depend on how strict your office is, or if your boss actually want to take a look at it (LOL) Think conservative birthday suit :P


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Art, food and critters

This entry is way overdue I know, but I had been awfully busy ^^; I am probably very fatigued these days as one of my eye (optical lol for you DC peeps) is still rather twitchy ^^;

I wanted to draw a new piece of artwork to put on site as an entry image, but haven’t been very happy with my recent artwork, and also not to mention no time to CG properly ^^; CGing can take a few hours to a few days and I just don’t have the luxury at the moment since I have an important deadline to meet ;_; But well today made another step nearer to the deadline so took a little time to sketch a bit :)

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Snowstorm, some artwork, all you can eat sushi

I drew these when I was working at the shop during the slower hours ^^; Didn’t get to scan/upload till now ^^; Picked three to feature :) One of them is a mascot of someone we know ;P And after artwork, some crazy snow pix ahead ^^;

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Art and Snow Nyoron~

Sorry for lack of art updates, nyoron~ ^^; Hopefully this entry might make up for it somehow? ^^;
One more artwork and some photos ^^/
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Thursday sketches

Finally an overdue entry for some sketches ^^; Our cat’s condition is still keeping us on our toes, so I barely have time to think about sketches, but I was at the shop yesterday and there were some slower moments so I sketched on and off. Here are 3 of them ^^/! My eyes (optical pair, just to clarify for those who are from dannychoo :P) had been really tired, and twitchy possibly from not enough rest =_=; Anyhows,

Below is a pencil sketch, with semi reference to one of my Mirai Yukino Dollfie dream photo I took recently :)
Click on image below to view full version ^^/ 

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One of the first doodles of 2009

I drew a few artwork earlier this month, wondering which to pick for the first post in this new blog. This one I’m showcasing now was one of them. Currently still in the “planning what colour to use” stage, hence the flat-ness :) Couldn’t resist adding a hint of blush tho ;)

I was trying to update the other sections of the gallery BUT I encountered a strange bug :P when I added a bunch of thumbnails my widgets and links on the side bar is pushed all the way to the bottom ^^; SO, gotta have hubs check it later on, sorry for the delay ^^;/

So how’s the snow+ice situation these days? I’ll let photos do the talking…

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BBlue with Pie ^O^

It’s snowing and snowing and snowing ^^; So this morning I stayed in bed and doodled with Sai and my bamboo tablet ^^; background and text done in photoshop – just because it’s faster to do it in photoshop lol!

Hope you like? I want to colour this but I actually need to get ready to go out (brrrrrrr) ^^;

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Contest update & Girl sitting – Work in progress

We has a winner for the win a tee-shirt contest! Congrats to SlickDog (Winner) and zyuan(First runner up)!

I worked on a little colouring before I went to bed last nite, but internet started lagging so posting now :D

okie back to work ^^;