Sketch and….

Couldn’t look at the computer anymore, so did a doodle for a bit ^^ Still have to adjust and clean up in photoshop but here is the result.

On a non-related note, I am planning a give away, will be posting it on news soonish — a few hours from now, so stay tuned! Clue image style semi inspired by Mimi, only I’m not as young or available lol (and no it’s not the camera and it’s not a figure :P)

Thursday doodles

Gyabo ;_; Another busy week ^^; gonna be another long saturday tomorrow, hope I survive :P

Did more than these 2 sketches yesterday but hmmm I dunno, not too happy with the others ^^;
Short haired girls are cute too no?

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Thursday doodles ^^

Today I didn’t draw much at the shop ^^; I however did some hand sewing and sketched what I am showing below tho ^^

I remember I wanted to do some schoolgirls art for some products, but I haven’t inked those I wanted to colour lol! I have quite a bit of illustration work to do for a dateline so feel a bit burn out staring at computer to cg ;_; maybe I should paint some natural mediums when the deadline’s over ^^;

Girl with broomsticku ^^

Inspired by a news post on DC, I drew this VERY quickly, and posted it as my own news post on DC lol — which is why it’s rougher than usual ^^; I think I drew a tare-puppy before ages ago lol!

Thursday doodles and Zazzle discount!

By the way if any one of you are interested in Zazzle products, there’s a discount this weekend only!
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Hi everyone, I apologise again for the lack of drawing updates, Halloween is coming, next comes Christmas which that means I am pretty busy with CDE related work, I had been pulled back into non flash doll related work with CDE ^^;/

Anyways at the shop yesterday I did a few quick/rough sketches :)

I have some questions for you people who come back to view my artwork, I’m curious to if any one of you would buy cards/postcards/posters of my non colour sketches? Or would you prefer something full coloured? Input is greatly welcome :)

Click on the image below for a full view of the sketch (meaning with legs etc)

I wanted to make something halloweeny themed, but I’m not sure if I will have time to ink/colour properly before the actual day x_x Gomene~

Click on the image below for a full view of the sketch (meaning with legs etc)

Time to pluggu my own Zazzle stuff lol!
Take note, you can actually change the tee-shirt style to something your gender would wear, even if it’s a an opposite sex on the model :P

Puppy Love Cooking shirt Puppy Shock shirtMeow in box on Dark shirt
Puppy Love Fall shirt
Meow in box shirt Meow in box shirt
Puppy Love Cooking magnet Puppy Love Chow Time magnet Puppy Love nom nom magnet

Last question for now, is there any graphic(s) in my Gallery you wish to see on cards/calendar/postcards? I’ll probably pick some out and maybe and have a voting :P

And oh if you haven’t already seen, my Nendoroids went to work with me yesterday :3 took some pix ^^/

All in all, have a great weekend!

There’s something about Blythes

Disclaimer: I know not many people like dolls, and even less so blythe dolls, so I am not directly linking up to the photo which I was inspired from for that reason.

The image below is heavily inspired by a photo of one of my dolly friends took on flickr :)

I would say blythes was somewhat an “acquired taste” for me. My first “encounter” with blythe photographs online was one of her head opened, with all the inside eye mechanisms exposed, not the prettiest image for a first timer I must say!

I was of course rather freaked out initially, but over time I see more photos of blythe dolls taken all over world, going places, wearing clothing accessories lovingly hand made or purchased by their owners, in little photo stories… having different looks and occupations… and I guess I fell in love! :)

I discovered I could sew small clothing for this large big eyed girl with a smaller than barbie body, and realized I found an unexpected muse for myself after having relocated a few years ago, I haven’t really looked back I guess! :) Blythe is still my favourite doll so far, why? Big head, check, big eyes, check, barely any nose, check, little mouth, check…! For some reason I can’t get enough of her even tho I have other types of dolls in my collection I play with my blythes the most!

Curious about my dolls? Feel free to check out :)

Thursday’s Doodles

It was a long day at the shop :P near the end of the day couldn’t wait to close shop lol! The good thing is I guess I am quite happy to have sketched a few sketches which I kinda like ^^

Should I make some bookmarks or postcards of school girl art?

Here, FatB :P

Thursday's Doodles

It was a long day at the shop :P near the end of the day couldn’t wait to close shop lol! The good thing is I guess I am quite happy to have sketched a few sketches which I kinda like ^^

Should I make some bookmarks or postcards of school girl art?

Here, FatB :P

Quick inking scans and rambles

Felt like a while since I posted any art posts! Sorry about that! Here are a couple scans of some quick inking practices. The thing with inking with real pen and paper is that there is no “control z” so if I made any mistakes there’s no real turning back ^^;;; and I do not like to use white out (liquid paper?) If I do cleaning up in the computer, it takes way too long ^O^; But inking with pen is good practice for precision artwork ^^;/

While working at the shop on Thursdays when business is a bit slow, I read some scanlations online, some of the artworks I came across is really inspiring ^O^! Recently I especially enjoyed work by Minami Maki. Found her work while randomly clicking on the scanlation pages ^^; Love the detailing she put into the hair and eyes, and not to mention omakes crack me up so bad sometimes :P Her works are more Shoujo Manga tho, so guys may not like it as much me thinks?

Thursday doodles

Sorry, no real CGs but yesterday while at the shop I did doodled :P practiced inking on a few of them :)

Below’s who else in “nendoroid style” Top left one I was inspired by when I curled my hair to attend a wedding and I rarely dress nicely so drew that down lol, realised I forgot to add the belt ^^;
Top right me wearing my mascot pup’s outfit ^^; and the bottom one, I was feeling very sleepy at the shop…

Below is the other sketch I was happy with, too bad I only have the sketch pad which the ink bleeds quite a bit :P To be honest I still enjoy drawing with natural medium rather than the computer ^^;
Okie back to work ^^;;;

Sketches time ^^;

I have way too many sketches at hand I have no time to ink/CG ^^; Three scans of rough sketches which I drew while being at the shop ^^

Not sure why I keep drawing that type of open mouth these days :P should draw some other types for practice ^^;

Wah? Summer is ending already? =_=; But heard on the radio that Sunday is gonna be Hot, like over 30 degree celsius hot ^^;;;;

Was reading some random scanlations online and came across one called Angel Voice, which inspired the sketch below ^^