Thank you!

Sorry for not posting much for a bit, September just turned out to be a lot busier than expected (not just work wise) so that meant less time for colouring and personal artwork ;_;

Anyways here’s a big Thank you art for all those who visited, commented, linked up etc etc etc! :D I’m normally not very good at keeping track of record hit counts but heart felt thanks from me and my mascot characters :P I’m also excited to say that on 7th September we got a record setting number of page impressions on :) If I did not read the data wrongly I think a lot of them came from (Domo Arigato!!!)
A little information about the “Thank you” image above, I tried to ink on a sketch pad, but unfortunately the paper tend to make the line art “bleed” so I apologise for the rough edges on the image above ^^;;

And a scan of some older practice sketches done end of August ^^/

Tumblr was updated with an evil food post :PTalk about food, I should grab a quick lunch and continue working ^^;;;;

Doodles oodles

a cheeky Doodle from today :3 I suspect my mom will have a lot to say to me if she ever chance upon this sketch ^^; Despite me being already married for a few years and all… (LOL)

And one from earlier this month (3 guys, 2 SD girls) I rarely draw guys, lol!

As some (if not all) of you had seen, I doodled Danny choo and his 2 adorable mascots nendoroid style ^^/! Danny doodle was drawn straight with Sai, and Haruka and Mirai were sketched on paper first before “inking” in Sai ^^/ (What is Sai?)
I hope to find time to colour ^^; Danny doodle will probably be completed the quickest since he’s mostly in black :3

Girls docking progress

Of course not completed yet, just wanted to tease :P

Girls dockin…?

Saw a news item on yesterday, was very amused that that imagery has a term! :P
yes a sketchu preview in progress :P Gotta love a lazy(-ish) Sunday!

Alice in wonderland more progress

Bunny not touched yet so left it out for now, and I think I gonna call it a nite ^^;

Alice in wonderland progress

Tried some other tools in Sai, very quick fills done, haven’t really figured out the program fully just yet, so background was quickly done in photoshop, may redo it later in Sai of course.

There are different ways and methods I use when I colour my artwork.

Usually the line art — either scanned image, or inked in the computer — is in a separate layer, and similar or same colours or items (example, hair, clothing, skintone etc) in different layers. I noticed that in photoshop the file will become huge as more layers, shading and effects are added.

In Sai, the image refreshes and saves quickly, something I really like since it definitely saves some time. Also multi control-Z is definitely a plus ^^.  In this current work in progress, I fill some base colours (in separate layers) first, this method allows me a quick over view of the overall colour schemes and when I finalise colours I will do shading later. This method is neater in a way that we can re-select the filled in parts, keeping most shading within the base colours.

In the previous “That cat girl” I used a slightly more time consuming and messier method, where I shade roughly around and then erase the strokes which bleeded outside of the line art.

Alice in wonderland inked

Took some time to ink one of the sketches from Thursday ^^ Colour adjusted and text added in photoshop Am really enjoying inking with Sai! ^O^ (thanks FatB for pointing out I’m missing something before Sai lol)


Sai program getto p(^O^)q

I was pleasantly surprised that they had an english version of a page which I previously only saw a Japanese version of, and realised omg I could get the license to use it since I like it a lot :P The line and brush strokes feels more natural on this little programe than photoshop ^^; I’m not used to the wand tool in Sai just yet so am using a different method to colour, the colours leaking out will be erased near the end — which is why the colours are bleeding on the edge. I’m not done colouring this image yet of course :P

Shop sketches from thursday

Was rather busy on Friday, so did not scan my sketches from thursday ^^;
I sketched some ideas for some doll related sewing, couldn’t resist drawing thus “Alice in wonderland” inspired themed girl ;)

Drew a maiddo chan and a nameless lady holding a cuppa coffee ^^

Sketching is always quick, but refining and colouring are time consuming, hopefully will find some time to colour something soon! ^O^;

Swim wear ladies in progress

Too busy these days, can’t finish colouring ^^; also going past my bed time (no good)
Was gonna finish the clue, but never got to it just yet :P Thanks everyone for answering the questions from previous post ^^