Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

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Otacool mascot submission

Want to create the official Otacool mascot character and get a chance to work with Kotobukiya? Or if you’re a cosplayer and want to be featured in the book… check this out! :D

Click image below for full view ^^/

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Pumpkin carving

I’ve always been rather curious about pumpkin carving but we never really got around doing it, especially since we don’t celebrate Halloween :P

This year, a few weeks ago we actually checked out a pumpkin patch and acquired a couple pumpkins ^^

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Maid Mirai Wallpaper!

With great pleasure we bring you moar Maid Mirai Wallpaper! :3 She’s been working on since yesterday afternoon ^o^;

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Mirai Suenaga fan art

Yup another Mirai Suenaga chan fan art ^^;

Seeing so many yummy fan arts on, makes me itchy to make one, so um took a break to make one (LOL) Ugh still lots of stuff to pack (How do you pack heavy books effectively ^^;;;; Any tips anyone?

Click image below to full view :D I’ll update her into gallery later on ^^;/

Who is Mirai Suenaga?

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Kanata Hoshikawa fan art

Haven’t done a colour piece for a while, had to take a break from everything going on these days ^^;!

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Tokyo Trip – Food part 2

No I did not forget! ^^; Just been busy ;_;/ Noticed that my husband did  food posts too lol!  So there WILL be some repeat pix, but I think his notes and mine are a bit different, mine are ordered more by the timeline ^^;/

1) This time looks like I’m starting out with the Mochi ice cream which we had when we went to check out Odaiba Gundam ^o^

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Tokyo Trip – Food part 1

So, as promised here is the food post ^^;  Went thru almost every day’s worth of food pictures, making sure they’re not too blurry etc, took a little while.  I am home feeling kinda sick (it’s on and off =_=) I might as well do something with the photos before I get busy with work again. There’s about 80-ish photos, which I will split in 2 entries.

1) Below is Mochi cream, a yummy dessert which we bought frozen at the Airport to eat on flight. They defrost in about 2 hours and are ready for consumption. You can buy dry ice to keep it frozen a little longer and they usually keep for about a day for maxium freshness and taste.

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Tokyo Trip

Yes we did ^^;

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Spring and things

Sorry, just realised my last post was last Saturday ^^; Just been a little too busy and quite overwhelmed, recently found out that my team got into finals for blythe beauty contest 2009, and many more things to do/plan from there still! ^^;/

This year is my 5th spring in Canada :D I dare say it is one of my favourite seasons, despite the hayfever and sinus headaches it causes husband and I ^^;

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