Tokyo Trip – Food part 2

No I did not forget! ^^; Just been busy ;_;/ Noticed that my husband did  food posts too lol!  So there WILL be some repeat pix, but I think his notes and mine are a bit different, mine are ordered more by the timeline ^^;/

1) This time looks like I’m starting out with the Mochi ice cream which we had when we went to check out Odaiba Gundam ^o^

Funny thing was during dinner the night before with some friends, dessert was also mochi icecream, and it was brought up how curious it is that mochi doesn’t harden around the ice cream in the freezer ^^;

2) Harro Gundam san, itadakimasu~

3) Japanese’s fake food always look so realistic, even when wrapped with saran wrap ^^;

4) After some hard core shopping in Nakano broadway (okay this was when I found Mamachapp ^^;;;;;) It’s time for dinner~ It was also a much welcome rest to my feet, we walked so much whenever we’re in Japan, very good exercise but I don’t have the best shoes for walking unfortunately. ^^;;;

5) Husband’s extra meaty ramen ^^; I tried a bite and really enjoyed the texture of the ramen ^o^

6) Husband contemplated about having their fresh mince-it-yourself garlic cloves… but thankfully he changed his mind or I’ll suffer tomorrow LOL

7) Instead he opted for freshly ground sesame ^o^

8) Very good Gyoza too! ^^ Will definitely go back again for our next visit!

9) Next day, company and food ^o^ Is Mokochan surprised to see food or figma? :P

10) Japanese style chinese cuisine. ^^ They’re made to suit the taste buds of Japanese folks, but yummy in their own way :) This is Ebi Mayo :D I like that they put the cashew nut bits over it ^^ Adds extra texture :3

11) Pork and potato + veggie strips stirfry :3

12) Mokochan and spread of half eaten food desu~ we had some combos and extra dishes :D

13) Tried some new flavours of tea ^^/ Refreshing on a hot summer day!

14) Oi ocha it means “Tea, please!”

15) In the evening we met up with our friends to go to their parent’s Korean BBQ place… OH MY GAWD :P (I apologise to the vegetarians out there) but this is so darn good ^^;;;;

16) Very tender ^^; the raw stuff above is actually raw liver ^^;;; (Which I did not dare to touch lol)

17) Korean style pancake? Or pizza?

18) Another *passes out*

19) Ox tail soup :D

20) Cold noodles with a slice of sweet watermelon on top, it matches the noodles and pickled vegetables in it very well :) definitely a summer treat!

21) We were thoroughly stuffed ^o^;;;;

22) Next morning we spent some time at Yokohama, unfortunately the weather was not cooperating ^^; We had this ice cream with warm caramel pudding ^o^ Delicious! You see the ice cream is melting quickly due to the warm temperature. (Despite the rain)

23) Our friends took us to Chinatown to have lunch XD This Chahan (fried rice) was really good! ^o^ It felt like a chinese “fast food” as everything was served very quickly after ordering.

24) Diced chicken and vegetables

25) Shrimp in ketchup based (and maybe garlic) sauce

26) And very quickly we arrived at our last evening of our stay in Tokyo (wah!) We ended the evening with another bunch of friends and they took us to eat Nabe + assorted orders at Chanko Dining at the Yodobashi in Kichijioji ^o^

27) I must say the star of the show for me that night was this most amazing tofu I ever had in my whole life ^^; I swear when I go back to Japan I am so gonna have tofu all day :P The texture of the tofu was extremely smooth and creamy it was incredible o_o! The tofu was eaten with some crispy cracker like cheese(?) with a drizzle of honey… *drool*

28) Thing with Japan is sometimes even stuff I usually don’t eat I’ll eat it and it usually won’t disappoint lol This is Eggplant :) the top is probably fishflakes ^^/

29) Salad portioned out for everyone on the table. Our friend managed to get a private room for us all (about 8 people – including me and husband)

30) They had a server to cook the Nabe for us :) From what I recall, she’s rather cute and soft spoken ^^

31) Lovely presentation pre-cooking.

32) Young chicken karaage, surprisingly juicy and tender ^o^

33) The food is carefully arranged into the boiling broth and simmered for a few minutes as we chatted with our company and eat the other assorted dishes.

34) Itadakimasu~

35) At the end we had a choice of rice (Which appears like risotto)…

36) …or noodles. Rice was cooked with eggs and the broth from the Nabe, and Noodles is cooked with the broth as well. By now I’m super stuffed :P

37) Ah… Discovered another Mosburger ^^;

38) One of my favourite choice, the fish burger ^o^ I think Husband had the chicken burger?

39) Late afternoon fooding at the Airport, recommended by Yuki, our flight mate to and from Japan this time :D This Udon bowl includes a tempura and grilled mochi (not sure if there’s anything else).

40) I wasn’t very hungry so I opted for something simpler, Kitsune Udon ^^ It was delicious! The Aburaage (Tofu pocket) was very sweet and light :D

41) Something amusing to me :P

42) Very delicious recommendation by Yuki again, lightly toasted Mame Daifuku. After you tried this, I promise you, you won’t want to eat those which is pre-packaged in supermarket again ^^;!

Non food related :P Found these funny toys in Tobu Ikebukuro ^o^ Sorry about the jerkiness of the video ^^; Couldn’t resist a sneaky shot as I wasn’t gonna buy it due to the cost :P

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    More food! Good thing I just ate :P And eww… hate liver too >_< Haven’t had an ox tail soup for a while either.

    I’m gonna have to start bringing a figma around when I go around as well now… more fun pictures that way ^^

  2. FatB
    FatB says:

    Yummy food indeed. I wanna try the smooth tofu, and taste what japanese style chinese food is like.

    Where is the pic of cute nabe girl? Where?!

    Get outta the shot old Japanese lady!

  3. chun
    chun says:

    lol well for mine it’s somewhat done for now ^^; I was surprised that cow liver can be eaten like a sashmi ^^;! And yes bring ^^ remember to use Macro mode when U take pix ^^

  4. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    oh mochi ice cream! they sell those in our local Japanese grocery. had to stop buying them though since we started to put on weight. ^^;;;
    cute animals toys, wouldn’t mind getting one of those, how much did they cost anyway? btw looks like Oba-chan in the background spotted you taking a vid. ^^

  5. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    TOFU! i have sworn by that dish ever since i was a kid (poor me).
    and that one looks like the king of all tofu! how did they even make the thing… i mean, it’s the same ingredients now ain’t it? soy bean blah blah blah

  6. Gunstray
    Gunstray says:

    :Drools: Wow There tons of Freaking noodles this time and I happen to be a huge Noodle fan^^

    But Pic 21 freaked me out however. Having water melon and vegetables on noodles, does it still taste good

  7. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I just had dinner but I seem to be salivating again.. ooh.. I bought Mochi Ice cream the other.. Hope its still in the freezer.

  8. chun
    chun says:

    awww what a pity! And they were about $20 usd a pop :P I think she didn’t see me or didn’t know she was in my shot! lol

  9. chun
    chun says:

    I swear that tofu is out of this world o_o it was kinda dense and creamy, not sure how to describe it, just never tasted anything like it before o_O!

  10. chun
    chun says:

    hhehe too bad ramen overseas are normally so so compared to ramen in Japan ^^; And yes picture 21 is really good, it’s cold noodles, in a slightly sour broth, the sweetness of the watermelon compliments it very well ^^

  11. kholood
    kholood says:

    I loved everything about the Japanese food
    We have a famous Japanese resturant here in Qatar with a Japanese cheff and the food there is really really good ^^
    Now I eant to go to Japan more than ever

  12. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    yo just to sideline a bit, just bought myself an LX3
    what do you use for a camera case? the original one costs me an arm and a leg :(

  13. chun
    chun says:

    Woo congrats! And um we’re using an old fleece cover/bag I used for our old DSlite (Which we had sold ages back) we couldn’t find a good enough casing for our LX3 even in Japan unfortunately, and we also couldn’t bring ourselves to get the original one ^^; You may want to either look harder or think about spending the arm or leg, I had an accident with the camera already =_=

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