Mai Tare-DC mascot teeshirt!

Kita! (it’s here!)

Took a little while, but my Tare-DC mascot tee finally arrived (Woot!) As we’re allowed to choose our own style of teeshirts to go with the image, I ordered the Ladies Ringer T-shirt in size S. I also ordered one of this, but surprisingly it’s not here yet even tho I ordered around the same time… :P Probably thanks to the custom delay? ^^;

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Tare-Danny and Mascot tees feature!

Danny beat me to posting a gathering of those who purchased the tees and actually posted photos! :D

Check out adorable Mimi in her Danny choo + mascot fan art teeshirt ^O^! I like checkin out cute girls, I cannot lie ^^;

Tenrou was one of the first few to get his teeshirt in the mail, but zyuan was possibly the first to post on dannychoo news ^^; Gordonator, your friendly trooper next door, was possibly the first Singaporean to make an order (don’t mind me saying that gordon :P) And I almost missed Dejoker‘s post until I saw Danny’s news hijack ^^; And I had a secret image from FatB as well lol! *cough*

I know a bunch of you had bought something, not just Danny choo related items, take for example, the Meow tee! (Thank you tibiloo!)

I am super grateful for everyone’s kind support! I will slowly add more items over time, so hopefully there may be something which catches your eye for yourself or your loved ones!

Doodle of childhood memory

A news post by burford on prompted me to quickly make this doodle in Sai when I had a chance today amidst the super jam packed weekend ^^;

I think I only acquired glasses when I was in primary three (9-10 years old), and before I entered my primary school I had super long hair. ^^; So this was when I was in Primary one, when I already had my hair chopped off due to school rules ;_; When I had to have my hair cut off, I definitely remember that I cried ^^; I think because of my double eyelids I often look kinda sleepy? ^^; Also remember at that age I was kinda dark :P

Mirai Edited Wallpaper!

I got an idea to do some photoshop meddling with 2 of Mirai’s images from Danny’s recent Suenaga T-shirts news post! So what I have done is kinda somewhat merged (with bits of redrawing) Mirai’s image/Mirai maid pose together ^O^/ If you haven’t already noticed the Suenaga sisters’ recent page updates, go check it out!

After I showed Danny for a peek, he requested a little detail, can you find it? ;)

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Weekend buzz

Took some time off Work work to do my own cging ^^; I have a bad habit of over cleaning some of my own sketches I think, you think?
Click on image below for a full version, also updated into my Gallery page.

Lookie I managed to CG the doodle! ^O^
Click on image below for a larger version, also updated into my Gallery page.
Suenaga sisters used with permission from Danny Choo.

Psst! Like the image of the fan art? It’s nao on human tees ^^;;; Click on the thumbnails below to get to em :3 Take note you can change the shirt styles to other styles and make your own special tees :D (I will update when there’s special sales/discounts on zazzle!)

Danny choo + mascot fan art shirt Danny choo + mascot fan art shirt

Thursday doodles ^^

Today I didn’t draw much at the shop ^^; I however did some hand sewing and sketched what I am showing below tho ^^

I remember I wanted to do some schoolgirls art for some products, but I haven’t inked those I wanted to colour lol! I have quite a bit of illustration work to do for a dateline so feel a bit burn out staring at computer to cg ;_; maybe I should paint some natural mediums when the deadline’s over ^^;

Girl with broomsticku ^^

Inspired by a news post on DC, I drew this VERY quickly, and posted it as my own news post on DC lol — which is why it’s rougher than usual ^^; I think I drew a tare-puppy before ages ago lol!

Danny gang completed ^^/

Continuation from the previous entry, the Danny choo and his sweet mascots (Haruka and Mirai) in Nendoroid style artwork is now completed ^^/ Please click on image below to get a bigger version :3

Okie gotta make some lunch :P laters everyone ^^/

Girls dockin…?

Saw a news item on yesterday, was very amused that that imagery has a term! :P
yes a sketchu preview in progress :P Gotta love a lazy(-ish) Sunday!

Haruka Wallpaper – version 2

Since the first version, some changes have happened, so I now present to you the version 2 of the Haruka Wallpapers ^^/

1024 x 768
1600 x 1200
1680 x 1050 (16:10)

Interested in the flash version? Go here or visit the Gallery page for more flash ^^/
Updated tumblr with evil food related post :P