It’s a bit hard to do everything at the same time, so I had been trying to do things one at a time, I wish I can sew and draw AT THE SAME TIME, but it’s just not possible lol. Anyone want to help me do housework? LOL

To see the rough line art…

The original art was so rough that I had to adjust in computer ^^; so it doesn’t look like the finished product huh? :3

For an even larger version, check out the post on :3

okay housework time, as we have company for dinner tonite ^^;/ laters!

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8 Responses to Ritsu and Satomi Sato fan art

  1. yamada says:

    Very nice work Chun! d(>w<

  2. chun says:

    thanks yamada!

  3. radiant says:

    sweet! nicely done!

  4. RyoBase says:

    Looking good so far, chun.

  5. chun says:

    Thanks dude ^^

  6. chun says:

    Thanks :3

  7. Anime version of Satomi! If she sees that I bet she’ll freak and will go, “KAWAAAAIIIII!”

  8. chun says:

    lol hmmm I’m not sure if that counts as anime version tho ^^;

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