Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! ^^; Click image below for a larger version :3

Aaaah…. I don’t update art posts often enough ^o^; Hope you like this quick art! My doll blog, and Ginko and Yoshi’s page has finally been updated as well ^o^/

Happy Halloween 2014!

I had been drawing witches almost every halloween so this year decided to change it up a bit, draw something else lol

I have also created a Halloween Greeting for BlytheCon Vancouver website ^^/

moar stuffs…

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Anime Revolution Artist Alley

Hope to see you there! :D We’re at booth no. 21 ^o^/ Look out for Puppy52dolls :)

Illustration documentation

Worked on some illustrations for Steven Nagata san a long while back ^^;

I think I came back from Japan last year, (and after destroying the poor LX3’s LCD screen on the first day of the trip) I took a lot less pictures =_= until I got the iphone 4S ^^;

Which is your favorite? :D I have to say I like the cheers, and the military themed one :P


Paw art

Had an image of Paw which I had to draw out :D It’s not 100% like what I envisioned byt I am quite happy with it :)

It’s fun to draw clouds too :P

Also posted the larger version on pixiv for prosperity (LOL) Initial sketches/cleaned up outline under cut :D

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Happy Dragon Year!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! :) Realise I haven’t updated the gallery very much last year ^^;

I felt inspired to create a drawing related to the dragon theme so here it is :D click on image below for a larger version ^^/

I drew and colour this in Sai (What is Sai?), the text and border is done in photoshop ^^ black and white version under cut ^^

Also my girls wish all of you a wonderful new year as well~!

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