Yesterday was at da shop again, did some hand drawn cards as I carelessly did not order enough cards to send out! (doh!) But the people who’re getting the original version, I hope they like it cos I think they turned out better than I expected :D

I managed to take a picture before I seal and pack the hand drawn cards so here’s a lookie! :3 I used my trusty pilot drawing pen (size 0.3) and copic markers to draw and colour them since I don’t have access to my computer/printer at the shop ^^;/ Background for this little collage below is added in photoshop at home tho ^^;/

Top left, Uchi xmas version ^^/, cupcake (For a birthday card)
Bottom left, white xmas bear in xmas socks and SD santa girl ^^

I may recolour Uchi in computer later on (took a picture of the ink art before I coloured with markers) ^^

And oh yesterday before I left for the shop, was informed that zazzle had featured a card template I recently made under Today’s best of December 4th!

Managed to grab a screen capture while it’s still on front page lol! (bottom right corner). Click on image below for a larger screen capture ^^;

I am contemplating adding some “A day in Vancouver/Richmond” type entries in future. Wondering if people might be interested? I have some content like that on my Tumblr, but thought maybe I should merge them with this site :) Thoughts?

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12 Responses to Art on Cards :)

  1. aquilla says:

    Those designs are so cute, I think I like the Christmas bear most but Uchi is a VERY close second.

    If I got a card like that I could never throw it away.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    aquilla thank you you’re so sweet :)! Heehee maybe cos I own uchi I think Uchi is first for me in that set LOL!

  3. Persocom-san says:

    very cute cards, and I think a day in Vancouver/Richmond posts would be fine once in a while

  4. puppy52doll says:

    Thanks Persocom-san! :D appreciate the feedback!

  5. gordon says:

    A day in Vancouver/Richmond is a great idea or the adventures of chun. ^^;

  6. puppy52doll says:

    gordon hehheh thanks! I don’t think I can do a week cos I don’t go out everyday so not super exciting ^^;

  7. Squee says:

    I iz like the “A day in Vancouver/Richmond” posts too. even thou I also follow your tumblr posts ^^ food post are always nice

  8. puppy52doll says:

    Squee huhu okie! You’re probably one of the few who don’t give me grief about food pix LOL!

  9. suki says:

    Uchi is so cute >.< Omochi kaeri~
    I love how you manage traditional mediums as well, its uncommon t be versatile in both ;)

  10. puppy52doll says:

    suki I guess it has to be during my younger days we don’t really have so much technology to use (Abuse? lol) I still enjoy using natural medium tho ^^

  11. suki says:

    Hmm, I understand about the past days and the battle of mediums XD
    Natural medium is always an advantage, because if the lights are out and there’s no electricity… there’s always pen and paper! ^__^

  12. puppy52doll says:

    @suki hehe if there’s no pen and paper there’s always dirt and stick LOL

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