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ETA: On August 13 2009, I recieved an e-mail from one of the volunteers kindly letting me know that it is okay to let people know that it is okay to publish the name (Richmond Animal Protection Society or RAPS) and website ( and to let people know that they are located are in Richmond, BC, Canada.

Quote: “It’s true that we don’t publish our street address or exact location, but if people are truly interested, they will call or email us through our website and be provided that information.  Our organization has grown and is now more public because we operate the Richmond city animal shelter as well now.”

The organisation always welcome new volunteers and donations, so please do help spread the word if you know of someone locally who are interested in doing so :D

I apologise for the lack of activities here in a while, had just been really busy trying to get the two furry kids to settle down, you don’t want to know the details of what we were doing this morning at 5am ish lol… Let’s just say it involves some… samples the husband had to bring to the vet ^^;

Below is a picture of a secret haven for possibly over 800 kitties.

Interested see some pictures I took from my first visit to this place?

The reason why I am not gonna name or say where this is is because this is not a place for you to dump your cats after you got tired of them! ^^;

It is a no kill shelter mostly for cats who are adult/senior or with conditions which deemed them unadoptable, example cat with health/bowel problems, or social problems etc. Adoption has to be by appointment only and they’re only open for public a few hours on a weekend day.

This kitty has extra toes! He allows visitors to pick him up but will meow when you do so and also when you put him down XD

This place is run by a group of cat loving volunteers and they keep the place running by donations. It has both indoors and outdoors type settings  which are enclosed, a laundry area where tons and tons of towels are being washed each day, food and water is always available for the huge population (all spayed/neutered) so it is generally peaceful =  no cat fights.

Cats which need to be isolated due to contagious illnesses or if they are new have rather big custom made cages which has their own litter box and other necessities like food, water, basket to sleep in and toys.

Cats are allowed to roam around in the huge enclosed space and many things are built with them in mind, lots of high places where they can climb to and look down at us lowly humans (LOL)

The volunteers actually know most of the cat’s names in there, if not at least a large number of them (over 800 names to remember, imagine that!) We were told while going on a tour with a volunteer that this kitty likes to jump on people’s shoulders lol!.

This kitty has a very curly tail which keeps springing back to it’s curl! And you can see it’s friendly :)

Special patterned kitty under the chair, passerby black kitty wants to be in picture too?

We were told that if we brought treats (we forgot! LOL) the cats will swarm around us ^^;

This kitty looks fiercer in this picture than it really is ^^;

Cats which are unpredictable will have a collar on them as a warning — meaning they may bite or scratch if you tried to pick them up or touch them.

Some cats look very different from the others, take short round guy in the picture below for example, he unfortunately has bowel problems :( he would pee or poo and it’ll just drop off behind him =_=; So he cannot be adopted out, since he would leave his pee or poo around the house unfortunately. He has a sibling who looks more “normal” but also have the same bowel problems, apparently it is a hereditary condition.

White kitty with a black “beard” XD

The cat below is a victim of severe condition of earmites which resulted in him shaking his head so much that blood clot formed in his ears and damaged the cartilage, causing them to become deformed. It enjoyed head scratching and pats like most cats do tho!

I’ll leave you with this cute picture of a cat tail which reminds me of a bamboo shoot ;P

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  1. Michael LaBombard
    Michael LaBombard says:

    Hi, you seem to have a nice place for these cats, Great!
    I have 4 cats, 3 live in my home with us and 1 outside cat. My Dad gave us Spooky and the other 2, 4 at that time showed up at the door with their mother. 1 got killed by a dog and another got a very good home with a friend of ours.
    The outside cat is very friendly at feeding time, but self-reliant when she is not hungry. She came to our door just skin and bones about 3 years ago. She doesn’t like other cats or people. I gave up trying to find her a home so she stays in the garage at night and outside most of the day, by way of a cat-door I installed in the garage. She does stay in the yard and always comes when called. We love her just as much as the others and she gets just as much attention.
    Anyway, I would like to donate to your cause. Please E-mail me, thanks.

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